Designate your Workspace Salesforce Sync User

About the Salesforce Mixmax Sync User

When you have multiple users connected to Salesforce from Mixmax, you will want to create a Mixmax Sync user. This will allow you to minimize the number of Salesforce API calls being made when syncing record updates or creation from Salesforce to Mixmax. 

Note that if you’re still seeing a large number of Salesforce API calls, you should think about using the Mixmax Real Time Sync Salesforce package which will drastically reduce the number of API calls being used to synchronize data between Mixmax and Salesforce.

The Sync User is a designated Salesforce account that is linked together inside of your Mixmax organization.

How it works

  1. The Mixmax Sync User checks for record updates every 30 minutes via the Bulk API.  Brand new custom fields are updated daily.
  2. As the Sync User retrieves data, that new data becomes available in Mixmax (i.e. in the Sidebar).
  3. All SFDC modifications made in the Mixmax UI (updates, deletions, creations) are made by the individual user in SFDC, with permissions respected, via bulk data and the REST APIs.

Example: A lead being first created in Salesforce and then updated in Mixmax via the sidebar

Who Should be the Sync User? 

Use the following criteria to select your Salesforce sync user:
  • Salesforce admin - Ideally, the Salesforce Sync User should be your Salesforce admin.
  • User who has Modify All Data (MAD) permission in Salesforce - If you don't have a Salesforce admin, choose a user who has MAD permission enabled on their profile.
  • User who has access to all Salesforce records - If none of your Workspace members have MAD permission, choose the user who has access to all records. If the Sync User does not have access to certain records, Mixmax will not sync to or from these records.

Sync User Required Permissions

Below are the required permissions in Salesforce for someone to be the Sync User for your Mixmax Workspace:

  • API enabled
  • Modify all data 
  • View Setup and Configuration
  • View all users
  • Customize Application

All of the above permissions must be granted in order to be a Sync User. These permissions can be granted via the Profile configuration or via Permission Sets. 

If you see the notice that "this user does not have the necessary Salesforce permissions enabled" in the Integration Settings, it means you or the user you are selecting as Sync User, are missing at least one of the above permissions. 

    Note: If your Sync User's Salesforce Connection has been disconnected, you will see the below notice that they'll need to reconnect. 

    Adding your Workspace Salesforce Sync User

    To set up your Workspace's Salesforce Sync User, go to the Integrations section of your Admin page.  

    Select the button to "Connect Sync User". 

    Select the option to "Connect to Production" or "Connect to Sandbox".  Most users should select "Connect to production" unless you are actively testing in your Salesforce sandbox.

      After login to Salesforce using your credentials. 

      Please Note:
      If you originally connected your Sync User to a Salesforce Sandbox and would like to change to Salesforce Production, you will need to change your Sync User. See steps below to do so. 

      Changing your Workspace Salesforce Sync User

      To change your Sync User, go to the Integrations section of your Admin page, and click on the vertical ellipsis menu next to the current sync user, then click on Change Sync User

      In the pop-up window, enter the credentials of the Salesforce account you wish to use as Sync user to log in.

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