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Mixmax Insights: A comprehensive suite of sales metrics for Salesforce
Mixmax Insights: A comprehensive suite of sales metrics for Salesforce
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Mixmax Insights is available on the Mixmax Growth+Salesforce plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Mixmax Insights is a powerful Salesforce package that provides comprehensive insights into your sales activities and helps you close more deals faster. Mixmax Insights is an all-in-one solution that syncs data from sales activities in Gmail or Gcal via Mixmax and offers a suite of customizable dashboards and reports that provide real-time visibility into your sales pipeline.

Mixmax Insights

This package is designed for sales teams of all sizes, from Sales Development Representatives to Account Executives and beyond. With Mixmax Insights, you'll have everything you need to monitor progress toward sales targets, focus on open tasks, assess team performance, and analyze sales activities and their impact on revenue.

Say goodbye to manual reporting and hello to smarter, more data-driven sales strategies with Mixmax Insights.

Note: No significant uptick in Salesforce API calls is expected when installing Mixmax Insights.

Insights dashboards

How do I install Mixmax Insights for Salesforce?

Here's how to install and navigate the Mixmax Insights app:

  1. First, go to Settings on the main menu sidebar.

  2. Then, under Admin, go to Integrations.

  3. Finally, click the Install Mixmax Insights for Salesforce button.

Installing Insights

Note: If you want to install the Mixmax Insights package in a Salesforce sandbox, you will need to manually edit the URL and add the "test" prefix, e.g., "…" (for more details, see how to install a package in existing sandboxes).

Once the package is installed, any Mixmax user can launch the Mixmax Insights app:

  • From the Mixmax Admin panel:

Insights in Admin panel
  • From the Mixmax Reports tab:

Insights in Reports

What is included in the Mixmax Insights Salesforce package?

Mixmax Insights includes the following components:

Reports and Dashboards

Mixmax Insights provides Out-Of-The-Box dashboards and reports that save revenue teams time by not having to build them manually. Here are the pre-built dashboards included in Mixmax Insights:

Pre-built dashboards
  • Mixmax SDR Performance Dashboard: Helps revenue teams monitor SDR activity target attainment and identify under/over performers among team members.

  • Mixmax Activities and Revenue Analysis Dashboard: Helps revenue teams analyze sales activities and their impact on revenue.

  • Mixmax Sales Impact Dashboard: Helps revenue teams make informed decisions by being able to assess the overall status and impact of sales activities.

Permission Sets

Mixmax Insights provides two Permission Set Groups in Salesforce:

Permission Sets in Salesforce
  • Mixmax Insights User Permission Set Group: This group provides just the minimum permissions needed to access the reports and dashboards in the Mixmax Insights App.

  • Mixmax Insights Admin Permission Set Group: This group provides admin access permission sets to fully access and manage all elements in the Mixmax Insights App.

Note: Both Permission Set Groups also include admin permissions to Activities (Tasks and Events objects), including all these objects' standard fields and custom fields packaged in Mixmax Insights.

Custom fields

Mixmax Insights adds custom fields to the Lead, Contact, and Account objects in Salesforce. Here are the custom fields included in Mixmax Insights:

Custom fields

Custom fields in the Lead, Contact, and Account objects

Note: For Leads and Contacts, these fields are not used in our pre-built dashboard charts but can be used in list views and custom reports.

For Account objects, the Days since Last Activity field is used in one of the charts in the Sales Impact dashboard, but the other Last Activity fields are not used in our pre-built dashboard charts. Still, they can be used in list views and custom reports.

  • Last Activity Date: The latest Due Date of the Completed Tasks or the latest Start Date of Events.

  • Days since Last Activity: Days since Last Activity, calculated as Today - Last Activity Date.

Note: Since both these fields use the Due Date for their calculation by default, we recommend setting the Activity Settings to display the timeline by the Due Date to avoid misleading interpretation. These settings can be found here:

Activity Settings

Custom Fields in the Activity object

  • Mixmax Type

    Automatically populated when Mixmax activities are synced following Mixmax format on the Subject field. It helps to categorize the activity type synced from Mixmax more granularly, e.g., for more accurate reports/dashboards, list views, etc. This field is used in some of our pre-built dashboard charts. Here is the logic:

Activity Type
  • Mixmax Activity Date/Time

    The Mixmax Activity Date/Time field syncs the real-time when the activity happens in Mixmax, not when the activity was synced (i.e., the "Created" date/time field). That improves the data accuracy of the activities synced from Mixmax to Salesforce.

    This field is not used in any of the pre-built dashboards, but it can be used in list views or custom reports.

Note: Customers who manually created this field with our previous instructions will also get the same field with this Mixmax Insights package. The new and old fields will work similarly, but they will seem duplicated, so we recommend removing (or renaming the previously manually created field by adding an "OLD" prefix) to differentiate both fields.

  • Is Mixmax Sequence Activity?

    True if the activity is identified to be part of a Sequence stage. False otherwise.

    This field is not used in any of the pre-built dashboards, but it can be used in list views or custom reports. Here is the logic:

Sequence logic
  • Mixmax Call Disposition

    Result of your call. These are the default values (but the names can be updated, and more values can be added if needed!):

Call default values
  • This field is used in the "Calls per disposition this month" report. If you already have a similar Call disposition field, you can edit the report to use your existing field. Otherwise, you can configure this field so it appears on the calls you made from Mixmax, and the call dispositions appear on the report. Check out how to configure this field for more information.

For extra details about customizing reports and dashboards in Salesforce, please visit the official Salesforce help doc and training.

Please email your CSM or contact support for any questions or assistance about Mixmax Insights.

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