Call Recording

Regulations for Call Recording

The ability to record calls is a great tool for call reviews, coaching, and more. Please note however that call recording also come with regulations based on local region or state legislature.

PLEASE NOTE: For any questions related to acceptable practices for call recording, please reach out to your internal compliance/legal team to confirm appropriate use cases.  

Enable Call Recording

PLEASE NOTE: Call recording is current only available for users with Salesforce integration enabled

When opening up the dialer, call recording will be toggled off. 

Prior to making a call, enable the toggle. When placing a call, users will hear "this call is being recorded". 

‘REC’ is displayed when calling with the recording toggle turned on.  The recording will start as soon as the recipient or voicemail picks up.  Note that if the user ends the call before the recipient or voicemail answers, no recording will be generated.  

When the call ends, users must click the button to log and complete the call save the recording.  

Once the recording finishes rendering (usually under a minute), the recording link can be accessed in comments field of the logged task.  

The recording can also be accessed in the comments field of the associated task in Salesforce.  

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