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Learn how to enable or disable Mixmax Dialer access for your Workspace members and manage call recording preferences on a per-Role basis.

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Mixmax Dialer is available only on the Mixmax Enterprise plan. Check out our pricing page for more information.

For Workspaces with access to the Mixmax Dialer, Workspace Admins can enable or disable the Dialer for the entire Workspace.

Enabling Dialer access for the Workspace

To enable Mixmax Dialer for the entire Workspace, go to the Calling section of Mixmax Admin settings and switch the toggle to On.

Dialer toggle

When the Dialer is enabled, your Workspace members will be able to purchase numbers and make calls using the Mixmax Dialer.

For more details on making calls with Mixmax Native Dialer, see Mixmax Calling.

Disabling Dialer access for the Workspace

In order to disable the Mixmax Dialer access for all users in the Workspace, a Workspace Admin must go to the Dialer settings tab and switch the toggle to Off.

Upon changing the status of the toggle, you will be asked to confirm whether you want to disable the Mixmax Dialer for ALL users in this Workspace. Taking this action will release all phone numbers purchased by the Workspace users - including phone numbers purchased for local calling. Once released, there is no guarantee those numbers can be obtained again in the future.

When the Dialer is disabled, your Workspace members will not be able to purchase new numbers or make or receive calls using the Mixmax Dialer.

Managing call recording defaults

Workspace Admins can manage call recording preferences on a per-role basis by navigating to the Roles tab under Admin Settings.

To allow Users with a specific Role to record calls, select the specific Role you would like to manage and then scroll to the bottom of the Mixmax tab.

Call recording settings

Under Mixmax Dialer > Recording, you can grant access to this feature by checking the box next to Allow call recording.

The Default Mixmax calls to be recorded checkbox below will default the recording toggle to ON for all calls, so users do not have to remember to toggle on the recording before each call manually. In this scenario, users can still manually turn off call recording for specific calls.

You can find more information on call recording in this help article.

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