Gong Integration

Analyzing calls with tools like Gong is important to help teams improve their processes, discover trends, and find relevant recordings and snippets of recordings easily. 

This feature is available to Enterprise customers who:

  • Are using the Mixmax Dialer 
  • Have enabled call recording  
  • Have configured the Mixmax <> Salesforce integration

Integrate Gong to your Mixmax Enterprise account by following the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Using your Mixmax workspace Admin account, go to Settings > Integrations tab and look for the Gong Integration tile. 
  2. Click Connect Gong. 

3. Log in to your Gong account with your username and password, or with Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google or Salesforce. Click Sign In

4. Click Allow to authorize Mixmax to integrate with your Gong account.

Once done, the Gong Integration tile under Settings > Integrations will be updated to You're connected!, as follows:

Note: Double check your user permissions in Gong! Under the Data capture settings menu in Gong, enable telephony system calls by selecting Import calls. This setting must be applied for each user who will be using the Gong integration. 

With the Mixmax Gong Integration configured, you can send recorded audio files that are longer than 30 seconds to Gong via the Mixmax dialer. 

Once the call is complete, you can review these recordings directly in Gong. As long as the call recipient is a Contact or Lead in your Salesforce instance, they will be correctly identified in Gong. 

From Gong, you can configure your Gong <> Salesforce integration so that you will also be able to see a list of Gong conversations in your SFDC instance.


Are there any requirements to enable the integration? 

  • All users who want the integration must use the same email address for Gong and Mixmax. This is how we will map the Mixmax user to the speaker in Gong. Once enabled, calls with Gong users present will automatically be synced to Gong. 

Why is my recording not appearing in Gong? 

There could be a few factors that are impacting this behavior. 

  • Confirm that call recording is toggled ON and the call is recording. 
  • Gong will only analyze recordings that are at least 30 seconds long. The recording begins 30 seconds after the call is answered. Some recordings may be too short to meet these requirements. 
  • After the call is complete, be sure to click Log and Complete. If you do not click this button, you will not see a completed task in Salesforce or a recording in Gong. 
  • If your team has another dialer configured, this could result in conflicts with our configuration. Please make sure no other dialer is conflicting with the Mixmax dialer. 
  • Check your Mixmax <> Salesforce integration make sure it is enabled and correctly configured. 
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