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Troubleshooting your Salesforce connection
Troubleshooting your Salesforce connection

This article includes troubleshooting tips for resolving issues with Salesforce connection to Mixmax.

Updated over a week ago

Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

If you're having trouble connecting to the Salesforce API, try these steps:

1. Make sure your Salesforce plan includes API access

Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited editions automatically have API access. API access can be added to the Group and Professional editions (there may be an additional fee). plans do not include API access. To find out which plan you have, check out Does my Salesforce plan include API access?

If your Salesforce plan doesn't include API access, you can't connect to Salesforce using the API, but you can still auto-bcc each email to Salesforce. To learn more, see auto-BCC emails to Salesforce.

2. Check that you are connected to Salesforce

Go to the Integrations page in your Settings and check to see that you're connected to Salesforce. Click Connect to Salesforce and enter your Salesforce credentials: email and password. If you cannot connect, please refresh your browser tab and try again.

The Sync User must be configured before individual users are connected. To learn more, see Connecting your Mixmax account to Salesforce.

Connecting to Salesforce

3. Check your sync settings

Once you're connected to Salesforce, check to see which events you are logging into Salesforce. You can log sent emails, opens, clicks, downloads, replies, calls, meetings, and Mixmax Tasks.

Activities are not being logged if a recipient does not exist as a record in Salesforce, so we recommend using the auto-create feature, which will prompt you to create new contacts or leads if one does not exist.

If activities are not being logged to Opportunities, you may need to un-check the box next to Only sync to Opportunities when I'm the owner.

4. Check for email domains and addresses that are excluded from logging

If you're testing your logging with friends or coworkers, check to see whether their email domain or email address is excluded from logging.

5. Check that your Salesforce Sidebar fields are up to date

Sidebar fields are automatically updated daily. If your Salesforce admin made some changes to fields and you don't see those changes in the Sidebar, then in the Role or Individual settings under Salesforce Field Settings, click the Get latest fields button to refresh the fields.

Getting latest fields

6. Check that you are within your Salesforce API limit

Each Salesforce plan has a limit to the number of API calls that are allowed: 1) concurrently within a 20-second period and 2) within a 24-hour period. The limit is determined by your plan and whether your organization has purchased additional API calls. Learn more about API limits for standard plans in this article from Salesforce: API Requests limits.

You can check your plan's API limit in Salesforce by going to Your Name > Setup > System Overview.

Check under API Usage to see the number of API calls you've used. If you're on a new version of Salesforce, navigate to this area by going to Setup > Monitor > System Overview > API Usage. Note that you may need special admin permissions to see this information. You can also follow these instructions: Does my Salesforce plan include API access?

If you have exceeded your API limit, consider 1) purchasing additional API calls or 2) refraining from logging opens, clicks, or downloads, as this activity is also available in your Live Feed.

7. Make sure there is an existing Contact or Lead record with the same email address as the recipient in Salesforce

Mixmax can only sync emails to a Lead or Contact if a record with the same email address is in Salesforce.

An existing Contact in Salesforce

8. Make sure the email field in Salesforce is labeled as "Email."

Mixmax does not accept email address fields with other names, such as "Email address," "E-Mail," or "Preferred email."

9. Make sure newly created Contacts/Leads are synced to Mixmax

By default, unless the Salesforce Real-Time sync is enabled, it can take up to 30+ minutes for a newly created record to sync to Mixmax. Mixmax can only sync activities to Salesforce records that have been synced to Mixmax.

10. Check the Mixmax Salesforce sync log

You can view a complete log of activity syncing to Salesforce in the CRMs & Live Feed section of your personal settings. This log shows the details of each synced activity and will provide you with the reason why an activity was filtered or information if there was an error.

11. Custom objects

For information on troubleshooting custom objects, please see Salesforce Custom Objects.

12. Still having trouble?

We are happy to help! Please get in touch with the Mixmax Customer Success team!

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