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Troubleshooting Rules with Salesforce actions
Troubleshooting Rules with Salesforce actions

Learn what to do if your Rule with a Salesforce action isn't triggered.

Updated over a week ago

Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Advanced Rules are available on the Enterprise plan. Check out our pricing page for more information.

If you created a Rule with a Salesforce action (most often Contact/Lead is created or updated) but the action isn't triggered, try this:

1. For Rules that use a Salesforce trigger consider sync times

Check to confirm whether the Real-Time Sync is enabled or not. If the Real-Time Sync isn’t enabled, it can take up to 30+ minutes for record creation or updates to sync to Mixmax. It can create delays for these Rules.

2. Check the Activity Log for your Rule

The rule Activity Log will show all Passed filter, Did not pass filter, and Error events. You can click individual events to learn more about why it was marked as Did not pass filter or Error.

Rule Activity Log

If you still have any questions, please let us know.

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