Part 3: Admin settings - Billing

This is part 3 of Chapter 1 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to configure Billing settings for your Workspace.

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Downloading invoices

When you add new users to your Workspace, your credit card will be charged, and an invoice and a receipt (payment confirmation) will be generated automatically. You will receive an email from Stripe with both the receipt and the invoice attached.

If you need to download the invoice later, go to the Billing tab of the Admin Settings. You will see the list of payments and the links to invoices in the Receipt column next to each payment. Simply click on the link to download a particular invoice PDF file.

Credit card information

At the Billing tab, you can also change your Workspace credit card details. You can update your credit card information under the Payment Information section.

Updating payment information

If you submit new credit card information, the new card will not be immediately charged with a validation payment unless you already have a pending payment in an Auto-retry mode. By default, the new card information will only be saved for future payments.

To learn more, see how to manage your credit card information.

Prorated billing

When you add any new subscription seats mid-term, Mixmax immediately charges a prorated fee for the time remaining until the end of the billing cycle. This way, you can get the same renewal date for all seats on the same subscription, and it is a fair way of charging only for what's actually used.

Example: If you have one annual seat with a renewal cycle from January 1 to January 1 at a plan that costs $120/year, and you add a new seat on February 1, you will be billed $110 immediately for that new seat. Upon renewal, your subscription will rebill you for $240 for the two seats for another year ahead. Respectively, if you add a new seat on December 1, you will be billed $10 initially.

When you upgrade from one plan to another, the system will bill you the prorated sum for the new plan immediately and will also add the credit for the unused time on the previous plan to your internal balance. That credit will be applied to the next payment, i.e., to reduce the amount due.

That's it on the Billing settings! Click Next to go to the next lesson.

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