Part 2: Admin settings - Members

This is part 2 of Chapter 1 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to manage Workspace members and subscriptions.

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Now that you have some Groups set up, it is time to add your team members to your Mixmax Workspace. You can do that and configure multiple other settings on the Admin tab of the Settings dashboard section.

Several tabs here will give you more granular control over your Workspace and its members.

Admin settings

Adding Workspace members

To add users to your Workspace, go to the Members tab on the Admin Settings dashboard page. Besides adding and removing Workspace members, you can manage your subscription here, remove or reassign other members' subscriptions, change roles, and assign user profiles.

Simply click Add Members to start adding users to your Workspace.

When you add new members here, you will be charged using the payment method set up in your Workspace.

Adding members

When you add members in the middle of your billing cycle, you'll be charged for a partial month or year (depending on your selected payment plan). At the beginning of your next billing cycle, you'll be charged for the subscriptions of all Workspace members simultaneously.

If you want to add a user who already has a Mixmax subscription, we will need to cancel their existing subscription, so please get in touch with our support team and let us know.

Reassigning subscriptions

You can transfer paid subscriptions to different users. Click Reassign, and you'll be prompted to enter the email address of a new user who should get this subscription:

Reassigning accounts

You can't reassign a subscription to a user who is already a member of another Workspace. To move a user between Workspaces, get in touch with Mixmax support, and we will be glad to help.

Canceling subscriptions

If you don't want the subscription to be renewed for a specific account, click the trash can icon next to the member of your Workspace whose subscription you wish to cancel:

Canceling subscriptions

You can also cancel all paid subscriptions at the same time. To do it, click the three dots button next to Add Members and select Cancel all accounts.

Cancel all accounts

If you receive an unexpected charge or would like to make a refund request, please reach out to our support. For more information on Mixmax billing policies, see Fair Billing Policy.

Removing the Mixmax extension from the browser doesn't cancel the Mixmax account or subscription. For more details, check out Canceling your Mixmax Account.

Adding new Workspace members to Group(s)

When you add new Workspace members, you can also automatically invite them to join one or several Groups you have previously set up. For more details on Groups, check this help article.

Adding members to groups

You can invite new members to Workspace Groups you are part of (i.e., either you created the Group or were invited to be a member).

What is the difference between Profiles and Roles?

You can see each Workspace member has a Role and a Profile in the Members Settings tab. Here is what that means:

  • Profiles in Mixmax allow you to decide which users will get additional privileges and control over settings and Workspace members as Admins. All Workspace members can either have the User or the Admin profile. By default, new Workspace members are assigned the User profile. You change the profile by selecting a different option from the drop-down menu.

  • Roles are pre-configured groups of settings that you can assign to users from different departments or positions within your organization. You can create different roles for, e.g., users from Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, etc. You will learn more about managing user Roles in one of the next parts of this course.

Check out this article on Admin settings to learn more about managing your Workspace members.

Now you know how to add more members to your Workspace! Click Next to go on with your course now.

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