Part 6: Set up your Role Settings for Salesforce

This is part 6 of Chapter 2 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to configure Salesforce settings for a Role.

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If different members of your organization have different workflows when it comes to Salesforce, you can determine what activity should be logged to Salesforce for each Role.

Configuring Salesforce settings

To set up Salesforce settings for different user Roles, go to Admin Settings > Roles tab.

Create a new Role or select the existing Role you want to modify and go to the Salesforce tab to modify the settings.

Salesforce settings

There are several sections with multiple Salesforce settings in this tab:

1. When composing an email:

You can enable prompting users to create new Contacts/Leads for records that don't exist in Salesforce, logging activities to Salesforce automatically, etc. For more details, go to Automatically create new Leads or Contacts in Salesforce.

2. Log these activities to Salesforce:

You can decide which activities, such as opens, clicks, downloads, and so on, should be logged to Salesforce by checking the box next to each activity. Uncheck the box next to the activity if you don't want it to be logged.

Logging activities

To learn more, see how activity syncs to Salesforce.

3. Log to these related objects in Salesforce:

  • Standard Objects and Opportunities

When enabled, this option will log activities to the related Accounts or Opportunities and associate logged activities with the corresponding Contact.

You can choose to sync data to all Opportunities or only when you're the Opportunity owner, sync only to Opportunities for which your email recipient is assigned as Contact or to all Opportunities associated with the Account you are emailing, and enable or disable syncing to closed Opportunities.

  • Custom Objects

Enable this option to log activities to Custom Objects in Salesforce. For more details, please see Salesforce Custom Objects.

Logging to related objects in Salesforce

4. Additional activity logging parameters

You can enable or disable Salesforce assignment rules to run on Leads that are created or updated by Mixmax.

Additional activity logging

5. Salesforce Field Settings

You can select which fields will appear in the Mixmax Sidebar. For more information, check out Default fields for your Sidebar.

Now you know what Salesforce settings you can configure for various user Roles in your Workspace. Click Next to go on!

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