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Setting default fields for your Salesforce Sidebar
Setting default fields for your Salesforce Sidebar

This article describes how to set up default fields for the Salesforce tab of your Mixmax Sidebar.

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Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Mixmax users with Salesforce connected can see a sidebar in Gmail that shows information about each contact, lead, opportunity, and account whenever they hover over an email address. Thanks to our bidirectional sync, any changes you make in the Sidebar show up in Salesforce and vice versa.

To navigate to the Salesforce tab, first, expand the Sidebar by clicking the Mixmax icon in your Gmail sidebar on the right.

Mixmax Sidebar icon

The Salesforce tab is in the People section of the Mixmax Sidebar. You can click the People tab to open it or simply hover over any email address in an open email when the Sidebar is expanded and then click the Salesforce tab.

Gmail Salesforce sidebar

Setting default fields for your Salesforce sidebar

You can specify which fields appear in your sidebar: go to your CRMs & Live Feed page in your Settings. All the fields present will be displayed in the Sidebar. If you are looking to add an additional field, you can select Show another field.

When adding a new field, click the Get latest fields button under Salesforce Field Settings before you start creating new fields in Mixmax.

Getting latest fields
Personal fields settings

If you do not see the option to edit the Salesforce fields in the CRM & Live Feed Settings, it is likely your Workspace Admin is managing them with a Role.

Setting default fields for a Role

If you're a Mixmax Workspace admin, you can control the default fields that are seen by the various roles in your Workspace.

To adjust which fields are visible for each role, go to the Admin tab in Settings, select the Roles tab, and then the Salesforce tab. Make sure that the option to apply the settings to all members with this role is checked.

Apply the settings to all members with this role

Here, you can select which fields are visible in the Salesforce sidebar for each role.

Visible Salesforce fields

Only fields with a value in them can appear on the sidebar. If Salesforce doesn’t contain a field value for a specific record, the selected field won't be displayed on the Mixmax sidebar in Gmail, even if you add the field to Visible fields in Salesforce Field Settings.

Check the Individuals in this role manage their own Salesforce settings box to allow members with this role to choose their own settings as described above.

Individuals manage their own settings

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