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Part 2: Personal Settings, Integrations, and Dialer
Part 2: Personal Settings, Integrations, and Dialer

This is part 2 of the Getting Started as a CSM course, where we show you how to configure personal settings and make calls in Mixmax.

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Now that Mixmax is installed, let's take a look at the web app and the settings you can configure in the app dashboard.

Settings overview

You can access the Mixmax dashboard by simply clicking the Mixmax button in the top right corner of your Gmail page.

Click Settings in the left-side menu to access your personal Mixmax settings.

There are multiple settings you can configure here, but let's take a close look at the Mixmax settings that will be especially helpful for you as a CSM and empower you in your everyday tasks.

Configuring the Mixmax Dialer

Making calls is an essential part of the daily routine for every CSM. With Mixmax Calling, you can conveniently generate phone numbers and call your contacts, customers, or prospects from the browser directly. If Salesforce integration is configured, Mixmax can sync the call logs and duration directly to Salesforce.

Calling setup

The United States and Canada

To generate a phone number, go to the Calling settings tab. Select the country for which you would like to generate a phone number from the drop-down menu:

Generating phone number

Enter the area code with which the new phone number should be generated:

Phone area code

Click Get Phone Number to generate a phone number:

Getting phone number

Sometimes, a phone number might not get generated because the selected area code is unavailable. If that happens, please select a different area code or try again later.

You can also enter your incoming phone number in the Calling tab. If you call a contact via Mixmax Dialer and they call you back, the call will go to the incoming phone number you specified.

Incoming phone number

International Calling

If you would like to generate international phone numbers, Mixmax will require you or your company to provide some additional details to comply with local regulations. Please contact our support team with the required documents to acquire a new international number.

The requested country will become available in the list of countries after the required documentation is approved:

Adding a country to the list

Your available phone numbers will appear in the Select Phone Number menu:

Selecting phone number

To apply the phone number to your account, select the number from the drop-down and click Get Phone Number:

Sample phone number

You can also enter your incoming phone number in the Calling tab. If you call a contact via Mixmax Dialer and they call you back, the call will go to the incoming phone number you specified.

If you would like to specify an international incoming phone number, make sure to include the country code starting with a plus sign (+).

Incoming phone number

Local Presence

The Local Presence option allows you to call prospects using a number with the same area code as they have.

To enable Local Presence for your workspace, contact our support team.

Before starting to use Local Presence, please make sure you set up a personal number as described above.

After you enable Local Presence for your Workspace, you can choose to call from Your phone number or a Local number.

If Local Presence is enabled for your account, you will see it as the default option in the calling module.

To use your personal number for a call instead, select Your phone number from the drop-down first, then make a call.

Selecting local number

When you make a call using Local Presence, right after you start the call, Mixmax purchases a new number or uses a number available to your Workspace that will best match the area code of the recipient.

A phone number with a particular area code might be unavailable; in that case, Mixmax will use your personal number specified in the Calling settings by default.

Phone numbers purchased using the Local Presence and actively in use within your Workspace are not associated with a specific user and will be available to all Workspace users.

When there is an incoming call from a local number, Mixmax automatically routes the call to the last Mixmax user who used this particular local number to call that contact. The call is forwarded to the incoming call number the expected Mixmax user has configured.

Currently, Local Presence is only available for US numbers.


The Integrations settings tab offers you an opportunity to connect your account with various tools. We recommend starting with the following:


If Salesforce is your CRM of choice, you can connect it to Mixmax and easily sync activities from Mixmax to Salesforce.

Make sure your Salesforce Edition includes API access to be able to connect to Salesforce API. By default, API access is enabled for these Salesforce editions.

To connect your personal Mixmax account to Salesforce, go to the Integrations settings tab, find the Salesforce tile, and click Connect to Salesforce. Log in to Salesforce when prompted.

Connecting to Salesforce

If you see the notification in the screenshot below instead of the Connect to Salesforce button, ask your Workspace Admin to connect a Sync User first.

Once your Workspace Sync User is set up, you will be able to see the Connect to Salesforce button.

Admin Sync User


Gong is an essential tool for analyzing calls to discover trends, improve your work processes, and search for relevant call recordings easily.

If you would like to connect Gong to Mixmax, make sure you are on the Enterprise plan and have the following configured/enabled:

  • Mixmax Dialer

  • Call recording

  • Mixmax <> Salesforce integration

To integrate Gong into your Mixmax account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Integrations settings tab and find the Gong Integration tile.

  2. Click the Connect Gong button.

Connecting Gong

3. Log in to your Gong account with your credentials or Google/Salesforce Single Sign-On (SSO). Click Sign In.

Logging in to Gong

4. Allow Mixmax to access your Gong account by clicking Allow.

Allow connecting to Gong

If Gong is connected successfully, the Gong tile at the Integrations tab will display You're connected! like in the screenshot below:

You are connected to Gong

Check out our help article about Gong integration for more details.

Google Drive

Using Polls and Surveys is an amazing Mixmax feature that helps you get feedback from your customers without making them write anything! Mixmax also has a convenient way to collect Polls results in a dedicated folder on your Google Drive if it is connected.

To connect Google Drive with Mixmax, find the Google Drive tile in the Integrations tab and click Connect Google Drive. That's all!

Connect Google Drive

Now, if you send out a poll, Mixmax will create a folder titled Mixmax survey results on your Google Drive.

Mixmax survey results

When Google Drive is connected, every time you send out a poll, yes/no questionnaire, or survey, a new spreadsheet with that poll or survey results will be added to the folder. As more results come in, Mixmax will update the spreadsheet automatically.

Results from polls and surveys sent before you connected Google Drive to Mixmax will not appear in the Google Drive folder.

Mixmax survey results folder

Additionally, you can always check your poll results in Gmail: each time your recipients respond to a poll, yes/no question, or Q&A survey, you'll receive a separate email with each recipient's answer.

Well done! Now you know how to configure some important integrations. Click Next to go to the next lesson.

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