Part 3: Inbox view

This is part 3 of the Getting Started as a CSM course, where we show you how to use the Mixmax Sidebar and Tracking in your Gmail Inbox.

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Now that you have Mixmax installed, you can see the new Mixmax icons right there in your Gmail Inbox, at the top of the page, and in the sidebar on the right.

Mixmax icons

If you don't see the smaller Mixmax icon or any other icons on the right, it means your side panel has been hidden. Simply click the arrow at the bottom left to show the side panel again:

Side panel hidden

If you hover the cursor over the icon at the top, you can see the menu with links to various Mixmax web app pages. If you click on the Mixmax logo icon, you will be redirected to the web app.

Top menu


Mixmax allows you to track when your recipients open your emails and check that info directly from your Gmail.

Opens in your Inbox and Sent folder

You can check opens for tracked messages directly from your Gmail Inbox and Sent folder. Just find the tracked email and check the lightning bolt icon.

If the lightning bolt is grey, it means no one has opened your message.

The lightning bolt that is colored in (the exact color depends on your selected Theme) means the message was opened โ€” hover over the lightning bolt to open a popup window with the details on who opened the message and when.

If you are on the Small Business plan and above, you can also see where the recipient was located when the email was opened.

Tracked opens

Now, you will always know when your messages are opened! Click Next to go on to the next lesson.

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