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Part 4: Compose window Enhancements, Tracking, and Send Later
Part 4: Compose window Enhancements, Tracking, and Send Later

This is part 4 of the Getting Started as a CSM course, where we show you how to use the Mixmax Sidechat, Reminders, and Email Enhancements.

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Mixmax supercharges your Gmail with excellent opportunities for email management and collaboration. Simply hover over any email, and you will see the extra options from Mixmax in the toolbar.


With Mixmax, you will never forget an important email! Simply set a Reminder, and always keep on top of your correspondence. Mixmax allows you to set reminders that bring an email back to your inbox at a specific date and time if there was no specific activity on the email (for example, if not read).

There are several ways you can set reminders directly from your Gmail Inbox:

Setting a reminder from the compose window

In the top bar of your email (under the Subject line), click Remind Me, then set the time and trigger for activating your reminder:

'Remind me' button

You will also need to select the conditions for the reminder: if the recipient doesn't reply, if the email is not read, or regardless of whether they read or reply.

Setting a reminder from an active email

You will see the Remind Me button in the top action bar of an active email. Hover the cursor over it, then follow the same steps to set a reminder as described above:

Reminders from an email

Setting a reminder from your Gmail Inbox

To set a reminder from your Inbox or Sent folder, hover over the clock icon, then follow the same steps as described above:

Reminders from Inbox

Sidechat Collaboration

Mixmax Sidechat is a part of the Mixmax Sidebar you can expand by clicking the Mixmax logo icon on the right. You will learn more about different Sidebar options in one of the following lessons.

Sidebar with Sidechat

Using the Sidechat, you can collaborate with your team members on email conversations with prospects/customers directly in the email. Forget about endless screenshots and email forwarding. No need to waste your time trying to remember what the original email was all about anymore. Collaboration in the Sidechat is how you make sure everyone stays in the loop and can provide some feedback without costly delays.

Simply click Add collaborators and select your colleagues there or @-mention them in Sidechat to start collaborating.

Adding collaborators

While you are in your Gmail Inbox, you can see the list of conversations where you are included as a collaborator in the Sidechat tab. To open the email thread related to a particular conversation, simply click on the conversation in the list view.

Conversations in the Sidechat

When you open a message in Gmail, you will see the conversation relating to that email in the Sidechat tab at once.


If there is no active conversation for an email thread, it is marked by an empty grey

chat bubble. Click the bubble icon to start a new conversation in the Sidechat and add collaborators:

Chat bubble

If there is an active conversation but no new messages, the email thread is marked by a filled grey chat bubble. Click the bubble to open the existing conversation in the Sidechat:

No new messages

When there are new messages in the Sidechat conversation, the chat bubble shows the number of unread messages. You will also see a New Sidechats banner at the top of your inbox. Click the bubble icon to open new messages in the conversation, or click the New Sidechats banner to open your list of conversations:

New messages

What happens when you add collaborators

New collaborators that already use Mixmax on the Small Business plan or above will see the email in their Inbox marked with the Mixmax Collaborator label. Collaborators can add comments in the Sidechat conversation. All future messages in this Sidechat conversation will be synced to their Gmail Inbox.

Threads with collaborators

If the new collaborator doesn't use Mixmax, they will receive an email from you with an invitation to collaborate on an email thread and a link to sign up for a Mixmax account. If the new collaborator is on the Mixmax Free plan, they will receive an email from you with an invitation to collaborate on an email thread and a notification that they need to upgrade to the Small Business plan to do so.

Email Enhancements

With Mixmax, every email can become so much more. It is so easy to enrich your emails with a wide array of awesome email enhancements, including surveys, polls, link previews, and more!

Inserting Enhancements

You can insert enhancements in your email in several ways:

The Enhance menu

When composing a new email in your Gmail account, simply click the Mixmax Enhance button in the lower-right corner of the compose window. You will see the Enhance this message menu with all enhancements grouped by function.

Enhance menu

Keyboard slash commands

Using slash commands, you can conveniently access the enhancements menu within the compose window. Just type in / (slash), and you'll see the complete list of Mixmax enhancements ordered alphabetically.

You can scroll through the list using the up/down arrows or your mouse. Press Enter or click an enhancement to insert it.

For the complete list of all available shortcuts, see Keyboard commands.


Mixmax Polls are among the most popular enhancements for a CSM. Use the polls to see your response rate increasing because it is much easier for your recipients to reply by clicking a single button instead of typing an email.

You will get your recipients' answers immediately through an email notification.

There are four kinds of surveys/polls:

  1. Yes/No Question

  2. Q&A Survey

  3. Multiple-choice Poll

  4. Group Event Poll

Let's take a closer look at the first three types of polls you can insert in your email using the Enhance menu in the compose window.

Group Event Poll

Yes/No question

Keyboard shortcut: /yn [question]

You can insert a yes or no question into your email and get a quick answer from the recipients. To customize the answer choices, simply click the text on the button and make the changes!



Keyboard shortcut: /qa [question]

If you would like to survey your recipients, add an open-ended question using a Q&A survey enhancement.



Keyboard shortcut: /poll

Insert a multiple-choice question if you would like to poll recipients. For more details, see poll results.


PDF previews

Mixmax allows you to show a preview of your PDF directly in your email.

To enable PDF previews, go to the Composing settings in the Mixmax web app. Under Message Options, check the box next to the PDF previews setting.

Enabling PDF preview

You also always have the option to send an individual PDF as a traditional attachment. Simply click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the compose window and uncheck the box next to Unlimited size before attaching the PDF.

Unlimited size checkbox

Link previews

You can enable email link previews like PDF previews; just go to Composing settings and check the box next to Link previews.

Link previews

To convert individual link previews back into text, hover the cursor over the link preview in the compose window and click Show as URL under the link preview.

Show links as URL

Turning Tracking on or off for individual emails

You can choose different types of tracking for each individual message before you send it. Mixmax allows you to track email opens, clicks, and downloads.

To enable tracking for an email, in the Gmail compose window, hover your cursor over the lightning symbol button to open the Tracking menu. Simply check the boxes next to the tracking types you wish to enable.

Clicks/downloads tracking is available if you are on the Small Business plan and above.

Tracking for individual messages

Tracking defaults

You can set default preferences for email tracking. Go to the Mixmax Dashboard > Settings > Tracking and check the boxes next to the tracking options you would like to turn on by default.

Tracking defaults

The following options are available:

Track opens: This lets you see who and when opened your email.

Track clicks: You can check whether someone clicked a link in your message.

Track clicks on naked links: This option tracks users clicking on a URL rather than normal link text. Normally, it is recommended to disable this to improve the deliverability of your emails.

Track downloads: You will know when someone downloads a cloud-hosted attachment. This is available on the Small Business plan and above.

Turn on real-time desktop notifications: This option allows you to receive desktop notifications when an email is opened, clicked, or downloaded.

Show tracking indicators in Gmail or Inbox: This enables displaying the tracking lightning bolts for every tracked email in your Gmail Sent folder.

Disable tracking for EU recipients: If you work with prospects/customers from the EU, Mixmax allows you to disable tracking for recipients in the EU to comply with the GDPR privacy law.

Scheduling an email to Send Later

Mixmax offers the option to schedule your emails to Send Later to maximize the chances of getting a response from your prospects.

To schedule an email, simply click Send Later at the bottom of the compose window. You can choose one of the time presets (e.g., Tomorrow morning) or enter a specific time. Thanks to natural language processing, you can type the Send Later time pretty much any way you want.

Send later

The Send Later menu options are easy to customize. Click Customize in the top right corner of the Send Later popup, or go to Reminders & Send Later settings in the Mixmax web app and modify the presets as you prefer.

Send Later menu options

You can always cancel or reschedule a scheduled email from Outbox > Send Laters in the Mixmax web app.

AI Smart Send

Mixmax uses AI to automatically determine when your recipients are most active and recommend the best time when an email should be delivered. The AI Smart Send time is calculated based on your recipients' opens, downloads, meeting confirmations, and other activity tracked in your Live Feed.

Scheduling a message using the AI Smart Send

When you are done composing your email and ready to schedule it, click Send Later. The AI Smart Send bar graph is located right under the calendar picker. Simply hover over bars to see an indication of the time they represent (in your own time zone), then click the bar you wish to select (we recommend the tallest one).

The recommended time from the selected bar will be displayed in the text field, and you will just need to confirm it by clicking Schedule Email. That's all!

AI Smart Send

AI Smart Send is available for Mixmax Sequences as well. You will learn more about setting up Sequences and personalizing their stages in one of the following lessons.

What if I have never contacted this recipient before?

If the recipient has some activity from other emails sent with Mixmax, it might be enough for Mixmax AI Smart Send to calculate a recommended time even if you haven't contacted them personally before.

However, in the rare cases when there is not enough data for Mixmax to create an estimate, you will see the notification below instead of the suggested send times:

AI Smart Send without time

Enjoy enhancing your emails with Mixmax! Let's go on and learn to set up meetings and events with Mixmax Calendar. Click Next below to continue.

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