Setting up Greenhouse

This is an article about setting up the Greenhouse integration in Mixmax.

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If you are a new Workspace member and you need to enable the Greenhouse integration, please contact our support team.

Mixmax integrates with the Greenhouse applicant tracking system.

Mixmax and Greenhouse

What it can do

  • Sync all your email to Greenhouse (including messages sent on mobile!)

  • Sync your Mixmax meeting confirmations to Greenhouse

  • Send a prospect an email when they apply

  • Remove a candidate from a Mixmax Sequence when they apply or when they are hired/not hired

  • Send a congratulatory email to a candidate who has been hired

  • Send yourself an SMS notification when there are changes to candidates' applications

These features are enabled via Mixmax Rules.

Connecting to the Greenhouse API

To connect to Greenhouse, you must be a Mixmax organization administrator. If you are not an organization administrator, please ask for their help with this step.

You will need your Greenhouse API key. Note that once an organization administrator has connected to Greenhouse, everyone else in the organization will automatically be connected. See details below, under Connecting to Greenhouse with your organization.

Your Greenhouse API is available if you are a Greenhouse administrator. If you are NOT an administrator in Greenhouse, ask your Greenhouse administrator for the API key and skip to step 6 below.

  1. Open Greenhouse, go to the Configure tab, click Dev Center, and then click API Credential Management.

  2. Click Create New API Key.

Creating a new API key

3. In the Description field, enter anything you'd like. Under Type, select Harvest.

Creating new credentials

4. Under Manage API Key Permissions, select the following fields:

  • Activity Feed

  • Candidates

  • Users

  • Job Stages

  • Jobs

  • Custom Fields

  • Custom Field Options

Alternatively, you can select all fields โ€” but the 7 above are the ones you need.

5. Click Update.

Update button

6. Copy your API key as shown below:

Copying API key

7. Open Mixmax Settings > Integrations, find Greenhouse, click Connect, and paste your API key from above.

Connecting Greenhouse

Entering API key

That's it - you're connected to Greenhouse!

Setting up Greenhouse for your Workspace

If you are a Mixmax Workspace administrator, you can connect the Workspace to Greenhouse. Once you connect, every member of your Workspace will automatically be connected, too. We recommend creating roles for people in your Workspace and having a specific role for your recruiters so you can get everyone set up with the correct sync settings (see below).

For each role, you can assign Greenhouse settings or allow your team members to choose their own settings. Role settings can be adjusted from the Account and Billing page.

If you would like all of your users in a certain role to share the same Greenhouse settings, uncheck Individuals in this role manage their own Greenhouse settings. When this setting is enabled, the Greenhouse settings you define on this page will be used for all members of this Role.

Role settings managed by admin

If you would like users in a role to manage their own Greenhouse settings, place a checkmark next to Individuals in this role manage their own Greenhouse settings. When this setting is enabled, users with this role will be able to manage their Greenhouse settings from the CRM and Team Live Feed settings.

Role settings managed by individuals

Greenhouse Sync Settings

You can set up the integration so that whenever you send an email to an email address that is in Greenhouse, it will add a note to the candidate in Greenhouse. Even emails you send from mobile (without Mixmax) will be synced! You can also sync candidates' opens, clicks, downloads, replies, meeting confirmations, and messages that you receive from candidates (even if they are not replies).

Greenhouse settings

Mixmax will now post a note to the candidates' Activity Feed when the activities that you specify have occurred.

In the example below, you sent an email to the candidate:

Email sent in Activity Feed

In this example, the candidate scheduled a meeting with you using one of Mixmax's calendar options.

Meeting scheduled in Activity Feed

Creating Greenhouse Rules

You can use Mixmax Rules to automatically perform actions triggered by activities that occur in Greenhouse. You can choose from a variety of Greenhouse triggers, including:

  • Application created

  • Prospect created

  • Candidate changed state

  • Candidate has been hired

  • Candidate has been rejected

Greenhouse action

The following example walks you through the process of creating a Greenhouse rule. In this example, when a candidate is hired, the rule removes them from all of your sequences. This prevents you from sending cold outbound emails to a candidate whom you have already hired!

  1. Open the Mixmax Rules dashboard section and click +New Rule.

  2. Enter anything for the title.

  3. On the Trigger step, select Greenhouse then when a candidate has been hired.

  4. Follow the instructions under Additional setup required. Open up the Developer Webhooks page in Greenhouse. You may need to ask your Greenhouse admin to give you developer access. You'll copy the Endpoint URL and Secret Key from the Mixmax Rules page and paste this information into your Developer Webhooks page in Greenhouse.

  5. Click Continue to proceed to the Filters step. Here, you can fine-tune your trigger to only trigger based on certain parameters. For this example, we will not set a filter.

  6. Click Continue to move on to the Action step.

  7. Select the action that the Rule should take when the trigger occurs. In this example, select Sequences. Click the radio button next to Remove them from all my sequences. Alternatively, you can specify the specific sequence from which they should be removed.

  8. Click the Close and Activate button to save and activate your rule.

Contact action

Other great Greenhouse rule examples:

Here are some other great ways to utilize Greenhouse rules and automation with Mixmax to save time and ensure a consistent candidate experience.

Remove or add someone from your sequence when:

  • a candidate is hired in Greenhouse*

  • a candidate is rejected in Greenhouse*

  • a candidate books a certain type of interview with you

  • a candidate answers your Mixmax recruiting poll

If you'd like to create a rule using a trigger in Greenhouse that is not shown here, get in touch with us!

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