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Mixmax<>Salesforce integration FAQ
Mixmax<>Salesforce integration FAQ

This is an overview of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the integration between Mixmax and Salesforce.

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Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

When you regularly use Salesforce with Mixmax, it is crucial that the data syncing goes smoothly. So, naturally, the Salesforce connection setup might raise some questions. This article covers the most Frequently Asked Questions about the integration between Mixmax and Salesforce.

Is there a log of what did (and didn’t) sync?

Yes! You can view a complete log of our activity syncing under your Salesforce API usage page under View activity log.

View activity log

Users can access their individual Salesforce Activity log from the CRMs & Live Feed.

If you’re an admin, you can access your Workspace Activity Log from the Integrations tab on the Admin settings page.

Not only do we show the number of synced, ignored, and errored events, but we also give

specific details about the event itself and any errors if you click View activity log.

How do we handle errors in syncing?

We do our best to gracefully handle errors when logging Salesforce activity. In case there are non-permanent errors, we retry syncing activity multiple times before permanently failing and logging the errors in the Activity log on the Salesforce Sync Settings.

What if there is a validation rule on Task Subjects?

You can update Task subjects to allow Mixmax-generated subject lines that match the following regex (more details about how Mixmax events are named in Syncing to Salesforce):

(Sent|Opened|Clicked|Downloaded|Replied|MeetingConfirmed|Reply) ?(\(.*\)?|\[.*\])?:.*

Do calendar events booked without Mixmax get synced?

For Gmail users, yes. Any meetings created on the user’s primary Google Calendar will be synced to Salesforce.

For Outlook users, no. If the meeting was scheduled directly in Outlook Calendar, it will not be synced to Salesforce.

Do we sync to converted Leads?

No. Once a Lead is converted, we sync to the resulting Contact (if it exists).

What makes a field “required” in the Mixmax Sidebar or the Salesforce Auto-create menu?

We determine if a field is required by looking at the salesforce Object Layout for a given object. These are required fields for the entire Salesforce instance, not just one “view.” Most users get this confused in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. The field shows as required when creating or updating an Object in Salesforce.

    1. When creating or updating an object, Salesforce uses a View Layout, not an Object Layout, to determine whether a field is required. View Layouts can be different for different users, which is why we don’t use them by default.

  2. The field has a validation rule that requires it when another field is provided.

    1. Unfortunately, since these rules apply after we send data to Salesforce, we don’t have a way to show them in the UI at the moment and can only show errors after saving data. Always feel free to reach out to Mixmax support for assistance.

What happens when duplicate records of the same email value are merged?

When merging duplicate records with the same email value, what reflects in Mixmax will depend on which record was kept as Master Record when merging in Salesforce:

  • If the old record (the one that Mixmax sees as existing) is kept as Master Record, then nothing changes on our end, except for fields that were updated from the merge. Those fields will simply update in Mixmax for that record as normal.

  • If the new record (the one that does not exist yet in Mixmax) is set as Master Record, then after the merge, that record will sync to Mixmax as a new record that we start referring to. Since the email value is the same, as far as Mixmax is concerned, this is the only record that exists with this email address.

How often are deleted records synced?

Record deletions are synced to Mixmax on a weekly basis.

Still have questions about syncing data to Salesforce? Check out our Syncing to Salesforce FAQ and the Troubleshooting guide for the Mixmax<>Salesforce integration.

Contact our support team if you need more info. We will be happy to assist!

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