Syncing to Salesforce

If you're on the Growth or Enterprise plan you can sync messages, calendar events and analytics to the associated contact, lead, or opportunity within Salesforce. To select which events you sync to Salesforce, visit the  CRM & Team Live Feed page of your Settings.

1 - Synced Messages & Tracking

Here's how messages are synced to Salesforce.

For messages sent individually:

  • New messages: "Sent (New): {subject line}"
  • Opens: "Opened: {subject line}"
  • Clicks: "Clicked: {subject line}"
  • Downloads: "Downloaded: {subject line}"
  • Replies from recipients: "Replied: {subject line}"
  • Replies you send to a chain: "Sent (Reply): {subject line}"
  • Original email received from an existing lead/contact: "Received: {subject line}"
  • Meeting confirmations: "Meeting Confirmed: {Meeting title}"
  • Meeting cancelations: "Meeting canceled: {Meeting title}"
  • Bounced emails: "Bounced: {subject line}"

For messages sent as part of a Sequence:

  • New messages: "Sent (New) [Sequence name (# stage)]: {subject line}"
  • Opens: "Opened [Sequence name (# stage)]: {subject line}"
  • Clicks: "Clicked [Sequence name (# stage)]: {subject line}"
  • Downloads: "Downloaded [Sequence name (# stage)]: {subject line}"
  • Replies from recipients: "Replied [Sequence name (# stage)]: {subject line}"
  • Replies you send to a chain: "Reply [Sequence name (# stage)]: {subject line}
  • Meeting confirmations: "Meeting Confirmed: {subject line}"
  • Bounced emails: "Bounced [Sequence name (# stage)]: {subject line}

2 - Synced Tasks

Here's how the different types of Mixmax Tasks are synced to Salesforce:

  • To-do: "{subject}"
  • Calls: "{subject}"
  • LinkedIn Connection Requests: "{subject}: LinkedIn Connection Request: Stage #"
  • LinkedIn InMail: "{subject}: LinkedIn InMail: Stage #"
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