Add Custom HTML

You can add custom HTML to any email message. 

For example, you can insert content from an external source, code your own content, or even add a special signature

How to add Custom HTML to an Email

In this example, we'll insert a third party countdown timer.

1. Go to the third party site Sendtric and create a custom countdown timer. Copy the provided HTML.

2. In your Mixmax compose window, click the Mixmax Icon on the right hand corner and then select Custom HTML. You can also use the slash command /html.

3. Paste the HTML from Sentric into the editor, and click Insert Custom HTML in the bottom left corner:

4. See the custom HTML rendered in your email, ready to send!

Keep in mind that only HTML is supported (no Javascript!) and it’s up to you to make sure the HTML renders across all email clients. When inserting content it’s always a good idea to test across email clients using a third party testing tool.

Additional ways you can use custom HTML in your emails:

  • Import a third party email signature (e.g. Wisestamp)
  • Hand-code custom HTML layouts
  • Import third party widgets from website builders
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