Add Custom HTML

You can use the Mixmax Custom HTML enhancement to add HTML to any email message. For example, you can insert content from an external source, code your own content, or even add a special signature. You can also add tables, images, or other items directly to your email.

The Mixmax Custom HTML enhancement is a good fit if you want to add snippets of formatted content to your messages, such as a small table, multiple images with formatting specifications, or links or embedded items directly from another website.

On the other hand, our Custom HTML enhancement is not a good fit for creating complete messages with full formatting throughout. You will not be able to use JavaScript or other scripting languages, and any formatting you want to use will need to be defined directly in the HTML snippet you create. 

Important note: Creating custom HTML requires your knowledge and experience with HTML. Mixmax is not able to provide assistance with creating or editing custom HTML in your messages. Additionally, HTML can render very differently in different email clients. Your recipients who use Gmail may see something different than your recipients who use Outlook. You should consider testing messages in a variety of email clients before sending to your recipients. Third-party testing tools are available which can help with this.

How to add Custom HTML to an Email

In this example, we'll insert a third party countdown timer.

1. Go to the third party site Sendtric and create a custom countdown timer. Copy the provided HTML.

2. In your Mixmax compose window, click the Mixmax Icon on the right hand corner and then select Custom HTML. You can also use the slash command /html.

3. Paste the HTML from Sentric into the editor, and click Insert Custom HTML in the bottom left corner:

4. See the custom HTML rendered in your email, ready to send

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