Add Video to Email with Vidyard

Want to add your own videos to email without attaching large files? Mixmax has teamed up with Vidyard to get your videos in front of friends, family, or customers seamlessly - right in the body of your email!

Using Vidyard

Here's how it works: in the Mixmax compose window, type  /video or select Video under the Enhance menu near the bottom of the window. 

Next, you'll get a prompt to log into Vidyard (or sign up for free if you don't already have an account). You can then upload an existing video from your computer, or create a video on-the-fly from Vidyard's built-in screen recorder and your computer's camera. 

Select the video (or videos!) to add to your email by pressing the plus ( +) button, and then press the INSERT button on the lower right side.

Voila! Your video is now in the email you're composing, ready to be sent. Click Send Now to share it with the world!

Vidyard's GoVideo and Mixmax make it easy to create, share, and track your videos all from one place. 

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