Mixmax Calling

Calling is included on our Enterprise plan. Contact sales to learn more.

Mixmax calling allows you to generate phone numbers and call your prospects, customers, candidates, and contacts, directly from the browser.  All call logs and the duration can be synced directly to Salesforce. 

Setting Up Calling

The United States and Canada

From the Calling Settings dashboard select the country you would like to generate a phone number for:

Enter the area code you would like to use to generate a phone number:

Click the Get Phone Number button to generate a phone number:

Note: Phone numbers are subject to area code availability. If a phone number with the area code you selected is not available, please try again later or select a different area code.

You can specify your incoming phone number on this page as well. If you call someone via Mixmax, and they call you back, the call will be routed to the incoming phone number. 

International Calling

To comply with local regulations Mixmax requires additional information from you or your business to generate international phone numbers. To purchase new international numbers, please email support@mixmax.com with the required documentation. 

A full list of supported countries and along with documentation requirements can be found here. 

Once the required documents are approved, the requested country will appear in the list of available countries:

Phone numbers available to you will appear in the Select Phone Number drop-down:

After selecting the phone number click Get Phone Number to apply the phone number to your account:

You can specify your incoming phone number on this page as well. If you call someone via Mixmax, and they call you back, the call will be routed to the incoming phone number.  International phone numbers should include the country code preceded by a plus sign (+). 

Place or log a call from Gmail

From Gmail, you can place a call from the sidebar. If you're looking at a contact in the sidebar, and their phone number is in your CRM, click the call icon. 

If you're not looking at a particular contact in the sidebar, you can still place a call. Hover over the plus sign in the top right corner, then choose Phone call from the menu:

A call window will open up. In the To field, you can enter the name of a Salesforce lead or contact — if their phone number is in Salesforce, it will automatically populate with the number. Alternatively, you can also type or paste a phone number into the To field. Fill out the fields, and add call notes, all of which will sync to Salesforce after you end the call. After you hang up, you can continue to edit the form.

If you make a call from your desk or cell phone, or if someone calls you, you can still log the call to Salesforce. Click Log call from the menu, and then fill out the information to log to Salesforce:

Place a call from any phone number link

With the Mixmax Chrome extension installed, any phone number link on any website you visit becomes a number you can call using Mixmax. Just click a phone number link like (844) 387-6962 and a calling window will open, ready for you to place the call.


When you place a call via Mixmax, you fill out a form that can sync to Salesforce. The form can include fields such as call disposition and notes. Specify which fields appear in your  CRM Settings page. 

See your calling usage

To see your calling charges — based on the number of minutes and number of phone numbers you've used during the current billing period — go to your Calling Settings page. Mixmax administrators can see a summary of all calling charges for your organization, go to the Billing section of your Members & Billing page.


Learn more about pricing here.

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