Mixmax Dialer Pricing

Mixmax calling allows you to generate phone numbers and call your prospects, customers, candidates, and contacts, directly from the browser.  All call logs and the duration can be synced directly to Salesforce. 

Calling is included in our Enterprise plan. Usage is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis per sections below and you will be billed for usage on a monthly basis.


Calling is billed on a per-minute basis, rounded up to the nearest minute, and is invoiced monthly. Your total cost will depend on how much time you and your team spend on the phone, and which countries you call.

Pricing is as follows for US, Canada, and International destinations: 

Destination Price per-minute
United States & Canada $0.014* (outbound)
$0.009* (inbound)
United States (Toll-Free) $0.014* (outbound)
$0.009* (inbound)
United States (Alaska) $0.09*
International $0.03* (outbound)
$0.02* (inbound)

* Note that the price may vary based on the destination of the service
** Please contact Success if you have questions regarding Dialer pricing.

Phone number provisioning (local calling)

You can choose which area code you want to place calls from. By using area codes, local to the prospects you're calling, you can increase connect rates by 3-5x. Phone numbers are billed on a monthly basis, per the chart below:

Country Price per number per month
United States & Canada $1
United States (Alaska) $1
International $2

*Please contact Success if you have questions regarding phone number pricing.

Please note that prices may change without prior notice. If you accrue a balance of >$100 in calling in any given 30-day period, we may ask you to prepay a balance.  

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