Troubleshoot your Slack Connection

If you're trying to set up Mixmax's Slack Integration and getting a message indicating that you are not authorized to install Mixmax (as shown below), have no fear! We'll walk through the steps to get the connection set up.

There are two options that your Slack admin has in this situation. The first option is for them to connect their Mixmax account to Slack by going to the Mixmax Integrations page and clicking the Connect to Slack button:

Once your admin has authorized Mixmax with Slack other team members will be able to connect. 

The second option is to turn the Approved Apps setting OFF in their Slack settings under Administration > Manage Apps > Permissions, as shown in the screenshot below. This will allow members of their Slack workspace to connect to Mixmax.

If your admin does not want to turn this setting off completely, they can also add you to the list of users who are allowed to approve apps and custom integrations. 

Your Slack may also be configured to only allow access to apps within the Slack App Directory. For Mixmax to connect to Slack, your Slack admin must also toggle that setting off on the Permissions page:

After one of these options is completed by your Slack admin, head to your Mixmax Integrations page and click the Connect to Slack button to complete the final steps.  

Congrats! 🎉 You're now connected to Slack and can set up rules that will notify Slack when something happens in Mixmax.

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