Copy and Send Meeting Templates

Just made an amazing meeting template? You can make copies of a meeting template for yourself, or send a copy to a team member.

The feature is available on all Mixmax plans, including the free plan.

Make a Copy of a Meeting template

To create a copy of a meeting template, select the meeting template, then click the Copy button at the top of the page. 

This option creates an exact copy of the selected Meeting Template on your account. This option is great for creating a master template as a base for other meeting templates. 

Send a Copy of a Meeting template

You can send a copy of your meeting template to a member of your workspace using the Send a Copy button. 

You can send your Meeting Template your entire workspace, group, or individual email addresses.

When you send a copy of your meeting template the recipients will receive an email letting them know your meeting template was added to their account.

Note: Sending a copy of your meeting template sends the template in its current state. If you make a change to the template, the change will not be reflected in sent copies.

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