Mixmax Service SLAs and System Requirements

Standard Processing SLAs

The timely execution of Mixmax services is critical to enabling your workflows to operate smoothly. The below outlines target SLAs for various features in Mixmax.  These features can include email sequences, Salesforce updates, sync events from Salesforce to Mixmax, and evaluating and processing rules.  We have built our system to be highly scalable and performant, while ensuring your data is secure. As such here are the performance expectations:


Typically, sequence stages will take under 5-10 minutes to process. Occasionally they may take up to 60 minutes if there are extreme spikes in simultaneous sequences being sent.


Most rules are executed within 10-20 minutes from the time they are triggered.  Occasionally they may take up to 120 minutes, if rules are extremely complicated or a large amount of Salesforce data is updated at the same time (usually via an automated script or app).


Mixmax may limit the number of emails that which be sent by a single user in a day to 1000.  This helps ensure users are not rate-limited by Google (we work with Gmail as the underlying email service) and the most responsive experience on the platform.  Learn more about Google's sending restrictions and best practices here.

System Requirements

The Mixmax Extension is supported in the current stable desktop release of Google Chrome, and the immediately previous stable desktop release of Google Chrome. For example, if the current stable release of Google Chrome (as defined at Chrome Platform Status) is Chrome 90, then the versions supported are Chrome 90 and Chrome 89 for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Older versions of Chrome may function but are not actively supported by Mixmax. 

In addition to the hardware requirements applicable to your operating system, the Mixmax Extension requires at least 8GB RAM installed on your system for optimum performance. Users in lower RAM environments may encounter slow performance. The Mixmax extension also requires that your display supports a resolution with a width of at least 1280 pixels. A narrower display width may result in loss of functionality. 

Chromium-based browsers other than the official Google Chrome release are not supported by Mixmax.

Other apps which make Mixmax available, such as Station, Shift, Mailplane, and similar tools, are not supported by Mixmax. If you encounter an issue using Mixmax in one of these tools, contact the tool vendor for support. 

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