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Mixmax Add-in for Outlook
How to install the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook as a Mixmax user
How to install the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook as a Mixmax user

Learn how to install the Mixmax Add-in for Microsoft Outlook as a Mixmax user.

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The Mixmax Add-in boosts productivity and sales engagement for Microsoft Outlook users. We strongly recommend that your Microsoft Workspace Admin (or someone with permission to install add-ins for your organization) install the Mixmax Add-in for you. However, if installation by an Admin isn't available, individual users can also install the Mixmax Add-in.


  1. Log in to your Mixmax account via the Mixmax web app before installing the Mixmax Add-in.

  2. Users need permission to install the add-in in their Outlook. Ask your Microsoft 365 Admin to approve the Mixmax Add-in for you.

Follow these steps to install the Mixmax Add-in as a Mixmax user:

Step 1: Ensure you use a supported platform

Supported platforms

  • Outlook Web ( on the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Outlook Modern for Windows

  • Outlook Modern for Mac

We recommend upgrading your Outlook to the latest version to prevent functionality issues.

If you're unsure whether your platform is supported, check what version of Outlook you have.

Make sure you have the “Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime” feature installed, or follow Microsoft’s WebView2 installation instructions to do it.

Unsupported platforms

Currently, the Mixmax Add-in is not compatible with:

  • Outlook Web (on Safari, Edge, or any other browser, including Chrome versions older than 123.0.6312.59).

  • Outlook Classic for Windows

  • Outlook for Mac (Classic)

  • Free Outlook accounts: it is not possible to install add-ins on such accounts.

  • On-premises Exchange installations

  • Platforms without the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Step 2: Install the Mixmax Add-in (as a Mixmax user)

You should install the Mixmax Add-in using the steps below only if you can't have the Microsoft 365 admin do it.

Note that installing the add-in as a Mixmax user when the Microsoft 365 admin has previously installed it will result in corrupted copies of the app.

Skip to Step 3 if you need to confirm whether the add-in has been installed by your admin. If you don't see Mixmax in the Apps menu, proceed with Step 2.

  1. Go to Microsoft AppSource > Mixmax and click Get it now.

If you haven't already signed in, you will be asked to sign in to Microsoft AppSource using your Microsoft account.

2. Confirm your details when prompted, review the permission, and then click Get it now. You will be redirected to your Microsoft 365 account.

3. Click Add to install the Mixmax Add-in for your Microsoft 365 account. You're all set!

For more details, check out Microsoft’s instructions on how to Use add-ins in Outlook.

Keep in mind that the Add-in may take a few minutes to appear in your Outlook for Windows.

If you see an "Approval required" message, shown below, it means you don't have the permission to install add-ins. Please request approval from your Microsoft 365 admin to install the Mixmax Add-in.

Step 3: Verify the add-in is installed

Here is how you can make sure that the Mixmax Add-in is installed correctly:

  1. Log in to your Mixmax account via the Mixmax web app before opening the Mixmax Add-in.

  2. Open your Outlook Web or Outlook Modern for Windows. If your Outlook was already open, restart it or refresh the page before proceeding.

  3. If you’re on Outlook for Windows and you have several accounts configured, make sure to select the Inbox that corresponds to the account you want to check.

  4. Click New email, then Apps > Mixmax in the top menu.

If you don't see the Apps icon immediately, click the three dots button on the far right to expand the list of add-ins.

4. The Mixmax side panel should open:

Mixmax start page

We recommend pinning the side panel for easier access.

6. Select Click here to continue, log in to your Microsoft 365 account if necessary, and accept the permissions when prompted.

7. The side panel will show the Mixmax Add-in’s options:

Mixmax side panel

Mixmax is now ready to use. For more details, see How to use the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook.

Got questions? Please contact our support team.

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