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Learn how to automatically get compiled results from Mixmax Polls and Surveys in Google Drive.

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Polls & Surveys are available on all Mixmax plans, including the Free plan, but some options, like compiled Polls results, are available only on the Mixmax Growth plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

At the moment, compiled Poll results are not supported for Outlook-based users. To learn more about the Mixmax integration with Outlook, check out How to use Outlook with Mixmax.

On our Growth and Enterprise plans, you'll get compiled results from Mixmax Polls, Q&A Surveys, and Yes/No questionnaires automatically in Google Drive! Mixmax will automatically add the poll or survey results to a spreadsheet in Google Drive for easy review.

New poll

To enable this feature, first, make sure Google Drive is connected with Mixmax (follow the link to the Integrations section or go to your Mixmax dashboard > Settings > Integrations > Google Drive).

Connect Google Drive

Once you've connected your Google Drive and sent out a poll, Mixmax will create a folder in Google Drive named Mixmax survey results.

Mixmax survey results

Every time you send out a poll, survey, or yes/no questionnaire (after Google Drive is connected), a new spreadsheet will be added to the folder with the results of that poll or survey. As additional results come in, the spreadsheet will be updated automatically in real time.

Results from polls/surveys/questionnaires sent before connecting Google Drive with Mixmax will not appear in the folder.

Mixmax survey results folder

Additionally, you can always check your poll results in Gmail: each time your recipients respond to a poll, yes/no question, or Q&A survey, you'll receive a separate email with each recipient's answer. You can also get poll results from our API.

It's important to note that if you save your poll/survey/questionnaire in a Mixmax Template and then send the poll out in the future, the results will all go to the same spreadsheet that has already been created. For the results to go to a new spreadsheet, you must create a new poll.

If the poll/survey/questionnaire is saved in a shared template or used in a shared sequence, the results will be saved in a separate Google Drive folder for each sender.

Here's a more detailed comparison of real-life scenarios to help you understand how poll results are treated in Mixmax:


Same poll (results stored in the same spreadsheet)

New poll (results stored in a separate spreadsheet)

You create a poll in a new email in Gmail and copy/paste the poll to another message.


You create a poll in a new email in Gmail. Then, you open another email and create another poll with exactly the same question and answer options.


If you create the poll from scratch instead of copying/pasting it, Mixmax will treat it as a new poll.

You add a poll to a template and insert that template into multiple Gmail messages.


You add a poll to a template and send the poll out. Then, you edit the poll to change an answer option and send the poll out again.


Editing a poll will always create a new one, even if it's in a template or sequence.

You add a poll to a template and insert it into multiple sequences.


You add a poll to a sequence and later clone the sequence.


You add a poll to a sequence and copy/paste that poll into later sequence stages.


You insert a poll into a template and duplicate that template


For an overview of how Mixmax polls work, check out our Polls overview support article.

Happy polling!

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