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Learn how to schedule group events and polls in Mixmax for easy and efficient communication with colleagues and friends.

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Polls & Surveys are available on all Mixmax plans, including the Free plan, but some options, like compiled Polls results, are available only on the Mixmax Growth plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Currently, Group Event Poll is not supported for Outlook-based users. To learn more about the Mixmax integration with Outlook, check out How to use Outlook with Mixmax.

Our Group Scheduling enhancement allows you to easily schedule meetings with multiple people. With a group event poll, you can ask business partners, colleagues, or friends for their availability directly over email. When they respond, you can schedule your event directly on your Google Calendar within seconds.

To schedule a group event, hover over the Mixmax icon in the bottom right of the compose window and click Group Event Poll.

Group Event Poll

You can also use the /group shortcut to start a group scheduling poll.

Next, fill out the event details (title, location, description, and time zone). Then, pick dates and times for your recipients to choose from. When you're done, click Insert Event Poll at the bottom to put the poll directly in your Mixmax email.

Creating an event poll

Here's what it looks like in your email:

Group event poll

When each recipient responds to your poll, you’ll get an email notification. To see aggregate responses, click the See full results & schedule event button in any of those email notifications or check out the message in your Sent folder. Here's what the email notification will look like:

Poll email notification

When you're ready to schedule your event:

  1. Click the See full results & schedule event button in one of the Mixmax email notifications you received when a recipient responded to the poll.

  2. Click Schedule next to the time slot you'd like to confirm with everyone.

Latest poll results

3. Confirm the details and optionally add recipients.

Confirming details and guests

4. Click Send Invites.

When you click Send Invites, each recipient will receive a confirmation email, and the event will automatically show up on their Google Calendars. You can make changes to the event at any time by editing the event in Google Calendar.

Invitation sent

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