Mixmax Sidebar overview

This article describes what information you can see in the Mixmax Sidebar in Gmail and what actions you can take directly from the Sidebar.

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Mixmax Sidebar is available on the Mixmax Growth plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Currently, the Mixmax Sidebar in the Inbox is not supported for Outlook-based users. However, Outlook users can access the Sidebar People section in the Mixmax web app (see below for more details on the People section).

To learn more about the Mixmax integration with Outlook, check out How to use Outlook with Mixmax.

With the Mixmax Sidebar, you can display your team's communication history with the Group Live Feed, display contextual information about a specific recipient by hovering over their email address, and take quick actions such as creating a task, logging a call, or scheduling a meeting - all directly from Gmail!

Enabling the Mixmax Sidebar

The Mixmax Sidebar is enabled by default. To disable or re-enable the Sidebar, simply go to your General settings and check the box next to Enable the Mixmax Sidebar.

Enabling Mixmax Sidebar

Live Feed

The Mixmax Sidebar lets you view your Group Live Feed without leaving Gmail.

Sidebar Live Feed


In the People section of the Sidebar, you can view information related to a specific recipient by hovering over their email address from an email or searching for a contact using the search function. You can view the following details:

  • The communication history with that recipient

  • General information about the contact

  • Contact, Lead, or Account information from your connected CRM

  • Tracking information from the Live Feed and the list of Sequences in which the recipient is currently active

  • Recipient's LinkedIn profile information

Sequences in Live Feed

Sidebar Salesforce

For more details on where you can use the Sidebar People section in the Mixmax web app, see how to access Sidebar outside of Gmail.

Please note that currently, when using the Sidebar in the Mixmax web app, there are certain limitations for Outlook-based users:

When an email has multiple recipients, in the Live Feed tab, all of the Opened and Clicked activity will appear related to the first recipient in the To field, even if that recipient is not the one who actually opened the email or clicked the link.


In the Live Feed tab of the People section, under Sequences, you can see the list of sequences where the recipient is currently active, as well as the number and title of the particular stage and the time this stage was initiated. But that's not all! You can also pause, resume, or exit the recipient from a sequence directly from the Sidebar in your Gmail!

No need to open the web app to manage the active recipients; simply hover over the three dots icon next to the Sequence title and select the necessary option from the drop-down menu:

Sequence actions

Adding a Contact to Salesforce

If you have connected Salesforce to your Workspace, you can use the Mixmax Sidebar to add new Contacts/Leads to Salesforce.

If you're viewing an email from a person for whom you have a record in Salesforce, you can see and edit their record in the Sidebar.

If there is no record associated with that email address, you can create a record:

No record of this person in Salesforce

Simply click Create Contact or Create Lead to add the contact to Salesforce.

Creating a contact/lead

Mixmax can also automatically create a new Salesforce Lead or Contact if you email recipients without an associated Salesforce record. For more details on how to set this up, see Automatically creating new Leads or Contacts in Salesforce.


The Tasks Sidebar section lets you view all of your tasks in one place, create new tasks, and start the Tasks Workflow to complete multiple tasks in one go:

Tasks sidebar section

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