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How to use SMS in Mixmax
How to use SMS in Mixmax

This article outlines how you can enable SMS service in Mixmax and send text messages directly from Gmail or the Mixmax web app.

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Multi-channel outreach is the key to successful prospecting. Mixmax has your back! We value personalized, effective, and reliable communication. With our SMS feature, you can conveniently engage with your customers and prospects using text messages.

SMS general view

If you would like to have SMS enabled for your Workspace, please contact our sales team via [email protected].

SMS service requirements

In order to use SMS in Mixmax, you must fulfill the following requirements:

At the moment, you can only send an SMS to US and Canada phone numbers beginning with +1.

Sending an SMS from Gmail

For Outlook-based users, sending SMS is currently supported only in the Mixmax web app. To learn more about the Mixmax integration with Outlook, check out How to use Outlook with Mixmax.

You can send SMS directly from your Gmail Inbox. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over an email to open the Mixmax Sidebar with the contact information of the recipient, then click the SMS button in the Sidebar.

Sending SMS from Gmail

You can also manually expand the Mixmax Sidebar and go to the People tab, then find the required contact using the Search field.

2. Once you click the SMS button, the SMS compose window will open.

If the recipient has more than one number associated with their SFDC profile, you will be prompted to select which number to use.

3. Enter the text message in the Write message field at the bottom of the window and click Send. It's that easy.

Writing an SMS

Sending an SMS from the Mixmax web application

You can send an SMS from the Sidebar in the Mixmax web app as well. There are several places in the Mixmax dashboard where you can open the Sidebar with the contact information; check out this article for more details.

To send an SMS from the Sidebar in the web app, open the Sidebar and follow the same steps as above.

Sending SMS from Sidebar

Viewing your SMS conversations in Mixmax

To see the list of all your existing SMS conversation threads, simply click the SMS button on the left sidebar:

Expanding the list of conversations

To collapse the list of threads, click the SMS button again.

Collapsing the list of threads

Viewing unread messages

If you have any unread messages, you will see a red badge above the SMS button displaying the number of unread messages.

New text messages badge

SMS threads with unread messages in the expanded sidebar will also display a red badge with the number of unread messages.

Unread messages

SMS Pricing

SMS requires a monthly platform fee.


Monthly per user platform fee

Mixmax SMS


Mixmax will bill for usage above your per-user-per-month SMS platform fee. Your total cost will depend on how many texts your team sends.



Sending a text

$0.01 per text

* Please contact our Customer Success team if you have questions regarding SMS pricing.


How long can my text message be? What can my text message contain?

The SMS character limit is 320 characters and can only contain plain text (no links).

Can I send texts to international numbers?

At the moment, we only support SMS to US and Canada numbers starting with +1.

Can I start a group text?

At this time, SMS conversations can only be 1-on-1.

Is my SMS activity synced to Salesforce?

Not yet - coming soon!

Can I send an SMS using local numbers?

For now, you can only send SMS from your designated phone number.

Got any questions? Get in touch with Mixmax support.

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