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This article will teach you how to create Workspace Groups and track who your Group is emailing through the Group Live Feed.

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Syncing to the Mixmax Group Live Feed is available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

With the Group Live Feed, available for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook users, you can see who your Workspace Group is emailing and whether their emails are opened, clicked, and downloaded.

Here's what the Group Live Feed looks like. Select one of your Workspace Group names from the View feed drop-down menu at the top of your Live Feed to view the Group Feed. The All groups view includes data from all of your Workspace groups.

Group Live Feed

To look for a particular Workspace group, simply start typing its name in the field at the top of the View feed menu.

Creating your Group

To start using the Group Live Feed, first, you'll need to create a Group. In the Mixmax web app, users on the Small Business plan and above can click Groups in the left column to open the Groups page. Give your Group a name and invite people in your Workspace to join:

Groups page
  • Inviting a Group member: Each person will receive an email inviting them to join your Group. When they accept, you'll see their status as Accepted. If they have not yet accepted, you can click Resend to send their invitation again.

  • Inviting a Group member who does not yet use Mixmax: If you invite someone who does not have a Mixmax account, they'll be invited to create a Mixmax account.

  • Removing a Group member: You can remove a Group member at any time by clicking the X next to their name.

  • Leaving a Group: Group members you've invited can leave the Group at any time β€” they'll see a button that says Leave this Group.

  • Disbanding a Group: If you want to disband a Group you created, first remove all of the Group members by clicking the X next to each person. Then click the X next to your name to disband the Group.

  • Who can contribute to the Group Live Feed: Users on the Small Business plan and above can view and sync messages to Group Lives feeds. The Group Live Feed is not available to users on the Free plan.

Workspace Admin Privileges for Groups

As a workspace Admin, you can access all Groups that exist in your workspace without being required to join each Group.

For example, three users in a workspace create a workspace group to track how many emails they send to recipients. As an admin, you can still see the email tracking for their group even though you are not included in the group.

Admin privileges

Syncing your emails to Mixmax

Users on the Small Business plan and above can sync emails to Mixmax. When you send an email, you can choose whether or not to sync the email to your Group Live Feed.

To set this up, in Gmail, just hover over the Sync button and select Sync to Mixmax in the bottom bar.

Syncing to Mixmax

In Outlook, to sync the email to Mixmax, simply check the box next to Sync to Mixmax in the side panel. Continue reading to learn how to enable syncing to Mixmax by default.

Syncing to Mixmax

For more details, check out how to sync emails with your Group.

You can log all emails to your Group Live Feed by default by going to the CRMs & Live Feed section of your Settings. Scroll all the way down to the Mixmax Settings section and click the box next to Automatically send activities to the Live Feed, Outbox, and Reports sections.

Sync activities to Live Feed

If this area is greyed out, this means that these settings are being managed by a Role. Your Workspace manager will need to edit these settings for the appropriate Role in the Roles tab of their Admin settings.

When the Automatically send activities to the Live Feed, Outbox, and Reports sections setting is enabled, this will not retroactively apply to sequences you've already created. To ensure new emails in the sequences you've previously created sync to the Group Live Feed, you will want to be sure the Sync to Mixmax option is checked within the Sequence Tracking Settings tab.

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