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How to configure the Mixmax Call Disposition field
How to configure the Mixmax Call Disposition field

This article will teach you how to add the Mixmax Call Disposition field to Call options and Call type Tasks menu.

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Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

The Mixmax Call Disposition field included in the Mixmax Insights Salesforce package is used in the "Calls per disposition this month" report. If you already have a similar Call disposition field, you can edit the report to use your existing field. Otherwise, you can configure this field so it appears on the calls you made from Mixmax, and the call dispositions appear on the report.

Here are the steps to configure the Mixmax Call Disposition field for Mixmax:

  1. If you're configuring this for yourself as a single user, go to Settings > Personal > CRMs & Live Feed.

    If you're configuring this for Roles in a Workspace, go to Settings > Admin > Roles > Salesforce.

If you are configuring the Mixmax Call Disposition field for Mixmax Calls as a Workspace admin, ensure the users who will use this field in Mixmax have full access to it in Salesforce.

2. For single-user configuration, Individuals in this role manage their own Mixmax settings should be selected.

For Role Workspace configuration, Apply the settings below to all members with this role should be selected:

Apply the setting to members with the role

3. In the Role or Individual settings for Salesforce Fields Settings, click the Get latest fields button to refresh the fields if the call disposition field doesn't appear on the fields menu.

Field settings

4. Then, under the Visible Fields settings, click + Show another field to add Mixmax Call Disposition to Call.

Visible fields

When successfully added to Call, it appears in the Call type Tasks menu.

Call Tasks menu

It also appears in all the Call options in Gmail:

Call options
Call disposition

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