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This article describes Workspace-level settings that Workspace admins can manage.

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Mixmax administrators can access additional admin settings on the Admin Settings tab of the Mixmax dashboard. Admin settings give workspace administrators granular controls over their Workspace. Access to admin settings is controlled by the Workspace member's Profile, discussed below.

Admin settings

Workspace members

The Members tab on the Admin Settings page is where you can manage users in your Workspace. Here, you can manage your subscription, add and remove users from your Workspace, remove or reassign subscriptions, change roles, and assign Workspace admins.

Add new members to your Workspace by clicking the Add Members button. Members you add here will be charged according to the payment method saved to your Workspace.

Adding members

If you add someone in the middle of your billing cycle, you'll be charged for a partial month or year (depending on the plan you've selected). At the start of your next billing cycle, you'll receive one charge for everyone's subscription.

If the person you're adding already has their own subscription, send us a note so we can cancel their existing subscription.

Automatically invite new members to join the following group(s)

Mixmax Group Admins can automatically invite users to join Groups when they add them as Workspace members. Learn more about Groups.

Inviting Workspace members to a group

You can invite new members to Workspace Groups you are part of (i.e., either you created the Group or were invited to be a member).

Creating and assigning Roles

Workspace admins can assign Roles to each user. With Roles, admins can configure default settings for particular sets of users (positions or departments), including the following:

  • Tracking: disable tracking of EU recipients for GDPR for everyone in marketing.

  • Unsubscribe: enforce unsubscribe links in all sequences for sales.

  • Salesforce: customize how activity syncs for your sales vs. success teams.

To create a new role, click the Roles tab under Admin settings, then select New Role.

To assign a role, click the drop-down menu under the Role column at the Members tab and choose an option from the list. The list of roles will correspond to the roles you have created in the Roles tab under Admin settings.

User roles

Assigning Profiles

Mixmax users can either have the User or the Admin profile. Workspace members with the Admin profile are granted full privileges to manage the Workspace, such as adding subscriptions, assigning roles, accessing all workspace assets, archiving assets, and making changes to Workspace settings.

The first member of a workspace will automatically be assigned the Admin profile. Each Workspace can have multiple Workspace Admins; Admins can change the profile status of other people in the Workspace.

User profiles

Upgrade plans

Click on the drop-down menu next to a workspace member to upgrade to a new plan. You can compare plans at

Paid plans

Once you choose your upgraded plan, you will see a window to accept the changes. If you don't see the plan you are looking for, please get in touch, and we would be happy to help update your account.

Changing the plan

The upgrade will fail if the system attempts to charge the credit card specified in your billing information, but the payment fails (e.g., the credit card has been canceled).

Reassign Subscription

Subscriptions are transferable. If you want to reassign a subscription to a different email address, click Reassign, and you'll be prompted to enter the new email address:

Reassigning accounts

Cancel Subscription

Workspace admins can cancel an account so that the subscription does not renew. Click the trash can icon next to the account that you wish to cancel:

Canceling subscriptions

Cancel all subscriptions

Workspace admins can cancel all subscriptions in the workspace by clicking the three dots button next to Add Members and then selecting Cancel all accounts.

Cancel all accounts


Workspace admins can update the credit card details on the Billing tab. Subscriptions for this Workspace will be charged to the card listed here.


Roles are a way for Workspace admins to create settings policies for subsets of users. A user's role determines several things:

  • Mixmax sync settings: whether emails you send and the recipients' opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations are synced to the Group Live Feed. You can also choose whether your Groups in your Workspace can view the content of your emails.

  • Salesforce sync settings: whether your emails sync to Salesforce. You can also control whether recipients' opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations sync to Salesforce.

  • Exclusions: Emails sent to the domains and addresses listed here will not be auto-bcc'd or synced to the Mixmax Group Live Feed or Salesforce.

  • Unsubscribe: Require all sequences sent by that role to include an unsubscribe link. You can customize the link. Learn more.

  • Tracking: Disable all tracking on new messages and sequences for members of this role. Learn more.

Workspace Admins can create multiple roles, each with a customizable name, and each role can have its separate sync settings for each category above. You can also configure the sync settings so that individuals with the role can manage their own settings. When that option is selected, they can manage their settings on their CRMs & Live Feed settings page.

To manage roles, go to the Roles tab under the Admin settings tab. If you don't see the Admin settings tab, you are not a Workspace admin; contact your Workspace admin to request permission.

Managing roles


On the Integrations tab, you can check if users in your Workspace are connected to integrations like Salesforce. If they are not connected, you can invite them to connect by emailing them.

Inviting to connect


Workspace admins can create Workspace-wide rules for teams on Growth and Enterprise plans. Workspace rules apply to all members of your Workspace. In our article, Workspace Level Rules, you can read more about Workspace rules.

Workspace Settings

On the Workspace tab, you can specify the default role for your Workspace, set send limits, change the name of your workspace, and specify a custom domain for tracking and calendars.

Default role

When you add new users to your Workspace, they will automatically have the default role. You can change their role when you first add them or at any time in the future. Suppose you delete a role, and some users are currently in that role. In that case, those users will automatically be switched to the default role.

Default role

Daily send limit

By default, if you activate many recipients in a sequence, Mixmax automatically schedules your sequence to send to 500 recipients per day. Workspace administrators can adjust the number of recipients per day using the Max Number of Daily Recipients setting. See the Daily Send Limit FAQ for more details about this setting.

Allowed domains

You can specify domains that can join your Workspace when users from that domain sign up for Mixmax. When users from an allowed domain join Mixmax, they will see the option to join your Workspace. You can allow multiple domains to join your Workspace.

Keep in mind that you can only add a domain to Allowed Domains if there's already at least one member from that domain in your Workspace. Start typing the domain name to see available options.

If there are no Workspace members from that domain yet, manually invite at least one user from that domain to join your Workspace before adding the domain to Allowed Domains.

Workspace Name

This setting defines the workspace name other users at your allowed domains will see when they join Mixmax.

Custom domains for tracking and calendars

Workspace admins can specify a custom domain for your Workspace to be used in the following areas:

  • Click tracking: when your recipients click a tracked link, they are briefly brought to a URL with your domain and then redirected to the link destination.

  • Downloading a cloud-hosted attachment: when you send your recipient a cloud-hosted attachment, and they download it from your email, a new tab briefly opens, from which they download their attachment. This tab will have your custom domain.

  • Booking an event using Meeting Types: when you set up a Meeting Type, you get a designated URL from which your recipients can book time on your calendar. You can specify the domain for this custom URL.

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