How to enable local storage

Learn how to enable local storage in Google Chrome browser settings for Mixmax to function correctly.

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Some Mixmax features require local storage to be enabled in Chrome in order to function. If you receive an error message asking you to enable local storage or are asked to do so by Mixmax Customer Success, follow these steps.

Enabling local storage for all sites

To enable local storage for all sites in Chrome:

The result should look like this:

Enabling local storage for Mixmax only

If your local policies do not allow enabling local storage for all sites, or you do not wish to do so otherwise, you can enable local storage just for Mixmax. To do so:

  • Select Block all cookies (not recommended).

  • Click the Add button next to Sites that can always use cookies under Customized behaviors.

  • In the Add a site window, enter: [*.], then click Add.

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