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Why do I keep getting logged out of Mixmax?
Why do I keep getting logged out of Mixmax?

This article explores why you might get logged out of Mixmax repeatedly and describes possible solutions.

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There might be times when you experience getting logged out repeatedly and need to sign in again. If you're always getting logged out, it could be one of these issues:

1. Browser Cookie Settings

To resolve this, go to chrome://settings/cookies in Chrome and make sure your settings look like this:

Allowing cookies

Advanced usage

You may instead use the Block third-party cookies setting above by adding the following two cookie exceptions:

Blocking cookies with exceptions

2. Site Access permissions

If you're still having issues logging out, check your Mixmax extension Site Access settings and make sure it's set to on all sites. To do that, right-click the Mixmax extension icon located in the upper right corner of your Chrome window, then click Manage Extensions:

Managing Mixmax extension

In the next window, under the Site access section, click on all sites if it's not already selected:

Site access enabled

Advanced usage

If you need to disable Mixmax on all sites except inside Gmail, select on specific sites and add * and

3. Pop-up blocker settings

If you're using a pop-up blocker, you'll need to add Mixmax to your list of exceptions. Add Mixmax to the list of specific sites where you allow pop-ups โ€” read more in this Chrome support article: Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome. Also, you can signal to the pop-up blocker that you want to open the new window (and not block the pop-up): hold down the command key when you click the button.

4. Ad blocker settings

If you use an ad blocker, you can add * to the exception list. See the screenshot below:

Adblock exceptions

Still having issues? Temporarily disable your ad blocker and see if that fixes it; ad blockers can be buggy!

5. Extension conflict

You may be getting logged out because another extension is interfering with Mixmax. Learn more here: Extension Conflicts.

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