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How to create Salesforce Leads or Contacts from Sequences
How to create Salesforce Leads or Contacts from Sequences

This article explains how to automatically create new Contacts or Leads in Salesforce directly from Sequences.

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Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Mixmax can automatically create new Leads or Contacts directly from a Sequence. When enabled, once a recipient is added to a Sequence, they will also be added to Salesforce if the Lead or Contact doesn't already exist.


  1. Users must be on a Mixmax Growth + CRM or Enterprise subscription.

  2. Users must be connected to Salesforce. If a user is not connected to Salesforce, Mixmax cannot successfully create Leads or Contacts from a Sequence.

  3. Name details and all required information for a Lead or Contact to be created must be included in the Sequence. To create a Lead or Contact from a Sequence, the Lead or Contact Name details and all the required fields in Salesforce must be added to the Sequence as variables. The variable names must match the Salesforce field labels.

You must configure specific parameters in sequences for Leads/Contacts to be created correctly; please see more details below.

Name details

Name details are required to create a Lead or Contact from a sequence. Either one of the following two options needs to be configured in sequences for the name to be extracted:

  1. Any of these parameters: Name, name, Full Name, Full name, or full name, should be specified with two words, e.g., Name equals to Dwight Schrute.

  2. Both of these parameters, First Name (or First name/first name) and Last Name (or Last name/last name), should be specified with one word each. For example, First Name equals Dwight, and Last Name equals Schrute.

Name columns

Required Salesforce Fields

When you upload a CSV to add recipients, please ensure that your CSV file contains columns filled with a value for each of the required Salesforce fields. The value in those columns will be needed to create the Lead or Contact - even if it is not used as a variable in your Sequence.

For example, if Company is a required field in your Salesforce instance to create the Contact or Lead, the company name information must be in the CSV column.

Company column

How to enable creating Leads/Contacts from Sequences

To enable creating Leads/Contacts, you would first need to create a sequence, enable the feature in Settings, and then add your Salesforce required fields as columns/variables in the Add recipients table.

1. Create your Sequence

Go to the Sequences Dashboard and click +New Sequence.

Adding a sequence

Give your Sequence a Title, select a folder, and click Create. Add stages to your Sequence, then go to the Settings tab. For more details, see how to create a sequence.

2. Enable the feature in Settings

On the Sequence Settings page, click on CRMs, then under Salesforce, check the box next to Add new records for emails that don't exist, and select Contact OR Lead.

Sequence CRMs settings

Click Publish Changes once you're done setting up your Sequence.

When the settings are enabled to create new Contacts that don't exist in Salesforce automatically, Mixmax will automatically associate them to Accounts. This behavior mirrors how Mixmax will automatically select the related Account based on the Contacts' domain as we do in the Mixmax Sidebar.

3. Add Recipients

Once the Sequence is created, click Add Recipients.

Adding recipients to sequence

On the Add Recipients screen, click the + sign to add your variable columns for each required field in Salesforce.

Adding a column/variable

Once you add your recipients and variables, click Review & Personalize, then Confirm & Activate.

When auto-creating a Contact from Sequences, the logic to associate them to Accounts follows the flow below:

1) If the email's domain is a corporate domain, Mixmax will attach the newly created Contact to an Account with an existing similar domain (i.e., the new [email protected] Contact would be associated with the Dunder Mifflin Account).

2) If the email's domain is not corporate (i.e.,, Mixmax will not attach the newly created contact to any Account. You will need to associate the Contact to the Account manually.

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