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Tracking Mixmax sequences when viewing Contacts and Leads in Salesforce
Tracking Mixmax sequences when viewing Contacts and Leads in Salesforce

This article shows how you can track the Mixmax sequence sent to a Contact or Lead when viewing them in Salesforce.

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Advanced Rules are available on the Mixmax Enterprise plan only. Check out our pricing page for more information.

When you add your Salesforce Contacts/Leads as recipients to Mixmax sequences, you might need to automatically update the corresponding Salesforce records with the name of the sequence where these recipients have been added.

Using the Mixmax Rules, you can easily set up that automation! Here is how you can do it:

  1. In your SFDC, go to Setup > Object manager, select the object where you would like to populate the name of the sequence (Contact or Lead), navigate to Fields & Relationships, and create a custom field of the Text type titled, e.g., "Mixmax Sequence Name."

Mixmax Sequence Name field

Ensure the Salesforce user who will be the rule owner has full access to this new "Mixmax Sequence Name" field to be able to populate its values.

2. Go to the Mixmax web app Settings > CRMs & Live Feed, and click Get latest fields to make sure the latest field data is synced with Mixmax.

3. In the Rules section, click +New Rule.

4. Configure the new rule as follows:

  • Select Sequence as the Rule Trigger.

Selecting Sequence as an action app
  • Next, select New recipient is added.

Selecting Sequence trigger action
  • Add conditions (if any) according to your own business needs.

  • Select Salesforce as the Rule Action app.

Selecting Salesforce as an action app

  • For the Salesforce action, select Update the related Lead (or Update the related Contact, depending on the SFDC object in which you created the custom field).

Update the Lead as Salesforce action

  • Select your new custom field from the drop-down menu and click Add field. Then, enter the following sequence variable in the corresponding text area {{sequence name | fallback:}} or start typing {{ and select the corresponding variable from the list of variables that will open.

Sequence name field

Adding the variable

That's it! Now, when you add a Contact/Lead as a recipient to a sequence, the Salesforce record for this Contact/Lead will be updated with the name of the sequence.

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