How to skip a Sequence Task

This article explains how to move a recipient to the next Sequence stage without completing the Task associated with the current stage.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Sequence Tasks

Tasks automatically created by sequences will present unique options for more flexibility when managing recipients.

When a task is created by a sequence, you will see a yellow bar with information about the sequence, the current stage, and the email address of the recipient related to this task.

Sequence Task created

Skip the recipient to the next stage

There could be several reasons for wanting to move a recipient along the sequence and not completing the task associated with the current stage. In situations like this, users have access to the Skip person to next stage action.

Skip to next stage

When this option is clicked, the task will be marked with the status Skipped, and the recipient will move on to the next stage of the sequence. The next task in the queue will automatically be loaded for the user within the Tasks Workflow mode.

Users can view skipped tasks by navigating to the task dashboard and changing the Status filter to select the Skipped option.

Tasks report

Skipped tasks will not count towards Completed tasks under task reporting.

(For Salesforce Admins) If your Mixmax Workspace syncs to Salesforce, we recommend creating a new task status value in Salesforce where value = "skipped" and Closed is left unchecked. This will allow you to report on Skipped (vs. Open vs. Completed) tasks in Salesforce.

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