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Sequence Reporting: email overview (coming soon)
Sequence Reporting: email overview (coming soon)

Learn about the email performance metrics for Sequences in this article, including definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

Updated over a week ago

This feature is coming soon.

We display sequence email performance metrics in various parts of the product. The definitions below apply to Sequence email performance only.

These metrics may be used to indicate overall sequence performance, as well as the performance of stages within an individual sequence, and will be scoped according to the context they are used in.

Sequence overview calculation

The sequence overview calculation considers all emails sent from every stage in the sequence. Keep in mind that email deliveries will generally be higher than the number of recipients that went through a sequence since a recipient will typically receive more than one email in a sequence.




Number of emails sent


Number of emails delivered


Number of emails that were opened. If a recipient opens any email multiple times, it is only counted as '1' opened.


Number of emails that were clicked. If a recipient clicks on an email multiple times, it is only counted as '1' clicked.


Number of emails that received a reply


Number of bounced emails

Open %


Reply %


Click %


Download %

Number of emails from which an attachment was downloaded/Delivered

Bounce %


Meeting %

Number of emails that had a meeting booked/Delivered


What is the difference between sent and delivered?

Sometimes, emails do not successfully make it to a recipient's inbox and are considered bounced. Sent is the total number of emails you tried to send. Delivered is the total number of emails that successfully made it without a bounce. Bounced emails can be calculated by subtracting delivered emails from sent emails.

What happens if the same recipient opens, clicks, replies, downloads, or books a meeting from the same email multiple times?

We will only count them one time in our total number of emails. For example, let's say Ryan opens the same email four different times; we will count it as one open. If you want to see how engaged an individual is with your sequence email, you can visit the live feed and search for the individual email address.

I know you can't send a sequence email to multiple people, but what if I have added a recipient in the cc section from the sequence settings?

We do not consider the activity of any recipient from the bcc/cc section of sequence settings. This setting is primarily used for internal emails, and these metrics aim to measure recipient email performance.

Why are my email metrics different in the Reports Section vs. Sequence List View & the Sequence Detailed Report?

There could be a couple of reasons for the discrepancies:

  1. The Reports Section requires a date range & has various other filter capabilities. The Sequence List View & Sequence Detailed Reports are for all the time. Depending on what filters you have selected in the Reports Section, the calculations could change.

  2. You have not received Phase 2 of our analytics revamp rollout. See more information about Sequence analytics improvements.

Why are my email metrics different on the Live Feed?

The live feed metrics are calculated slightly differently as they also consider non-sequence emails.

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