Part 3: Configure Mixmax Insights (Optional)

This is part 3 of Chapter 2 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to configure Mixmax Insights for Salesforce.

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Mixmax Insights is a powerful all-in-one solution for Salesforce that provides a suite of customizable dashboards and reports.

Mixmax Insights is available for our customers on Growth+Salesforce and Enterprise plans. This Salesforce package is optional, but it enhances your sales activities visibility and facilitates closing more deals for your sales team.

Mixmax Insights

Designed for sales teams of all sizes, Mixmax Insights gives you powerful tools to focus on open tasks, analyze sales activities, monitor progress toward your revenue targets, and assess team performance.

Insights dashboards

Installing Mixmax Insights

To install the Mixmax Insights app for Salesforce, go to Integrations on the Admin Settings page and click Install Mixmax Insights for Salesforce.

Installing Insights

If you want to install Mixmax Insights in a Salesforce sandbox, edit the URL manually and add the "test" prefix, e.g., "…" (for more information, see how to install a package in existing sandboxes).

Once the installation is complete, any member of your Workspace can open Mixmax Insights in Salesforce from the following section of the Mixmax dashboard:

  • Mixmax Admin Settings > Integrations tab:

Insights in Admin panel
  • Mixmax Reports Builder:

Insights in Reports

To learn more, see our Mixmax Insights overview.

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