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Using Advanced Salesforce fields with Rollup Helper
Using Advanced Salesforce fields with Rollup Helper

Learn how to sort your Salesforce Leads or Contacts by engagement using Rollup Helper to count the number of opened emails.

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Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Rollup Helper is a free Salesforce solution that lets you roll up any Salesforce data. You can quickly configure count, average, percent, lookup, text, formula, sum, max, min, hierarchy, multi-currency rollups, and more. Roll up the data your users need on records, list views, or reports!

Use Case: Number of opened emails per Contact, Lead, or Account

Have you ever considered sorting your Leads or Contacts in Salesforce by engagement? For example, how to sort Contacts/Leads by the number of times they opened your emails sent via Mixmax sequences? All that is possible with the Rollup Helper. Here is how:

  1. Install Rollup Helper in your Salesforce organization. For more details, see how to install Salesforce packages.

  2. Go to Rollup Helper using the App Launcher and click Create a new Rollup. Create a custom "Number of opened emails" field on the Contact, Account, or Lead object with the Task object as the source of your rollup.

  3. Set Count as the source field Type.

  4. Add a new custom filter with the following logic on the filter criteria:

    1. isDeleted equals false

    2. subject contains Opened (will be automatically formatted as '%Opened%')

New rollup field
Rollup conditions

You can create other fields with similar filter logic, e.g., "Number of replied emails" (subject LIKE '%Replied%'), "Number of Meetings Confirmed" via Mixmax (subject LIKE '%Meeting Confirmed%'), and so on. To better understand how Mixmax is syncing activities to Salesforce and how the "Subject" field is pre-formatted, see Syncing to Salesforce.

2. Use the "Number of opened emails" field in your Salesforce list views and reports:

All contacts
Opened emails chart

That's it! Now you have an easy and powerful solution to sort your Contacts, Accounts, or Leads by engagement!

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