Part 10: Mixmax Sidebar

This is part 10 of the Getting Started as a CSM course, where we show you how to manage the Mixmax Live Feed and Sidebar.

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Live Feed

Mixmax allows you to conveniently view all the communication history for you and your team members in the Live Feed.

You can access the Live Feed in several ways. One option is to go to the Live Feed section in the Mixmax web app. You can see your personal history of communications if you select Myself from the View feed drop-down.

Group Live Feed

Hover over Last activity to see a preview of the activity related to a specific email. If you click a column, you will be redirected to the original email thread in Gmail.

Activity preview

Other tabs above the Live Feed that correspond to your Workspace Groups allow you to check who your team members are emailing. In the Group Live Feed, you can also see the information on opens, clicks, and downloads for your team's emails.

The All groups tab includes data from all of the Workspace groups and is accessible for the Workspace admins only.

Syncing your emails to Mixmax

On the Small Business plan and above, you can sync emails to Mixmax. You can decide whether to sync each individual email before you send it. To enable syncing to the Live Feed, simply hover over the Sync button in the compose window, then check the box next to Sync to Mixmax.

Enable email syncing

You can also log all emails to your Live Feed by default. To enable this setting, go to the CRMs & Live Feed settings section of your Mixmax web app. Under the Sync to Mixmax section, check the box next to Automatically send events to the Group Live Feed, Outbox, and Insights sections.

Syncing to Live Feed by default

If this area is greyed out, it means that the settings are managed by a Role. You can ask your Workspace manager to enable this option for you in that case.

After the Automatically send events to the Live Feed, Outbox, and Reports sections setting is enabled, it will not retroactively apply to sequences you've created earlier. To make sure new emails from those sequences sync to the Live Feed, you need to enable the Sync to Mixmax option in the Tracking tab of the Sequence settings.

Mixmax Sidebar

With the Mixmax Sidebar, you can view your team's history of communication with the Group Live Feed, show contextual information about recipients by hovering over their email addresses, and perform quick actions such as scheduling a meeting, creating a task, or logging a call - all directly from your Gmail Inbox!

Thanks to the Sidebar, it is so easy to find your most engaged recipients and drill deeper into their info or engage with them by a phone call or email - all in one smooth flow.

Enabling the Mixmax Sidebar

After you install Mixmax, the Sidebar will be enabled by default. To disable or re-enable the Sidebar, simply go to your General settings section and check the box next to Enable the Mixmax Sidebar.

Enabling Mixmax Sidebar

Live Feed Sidebar tab

The Mixmax Sidebar lets you check your Group Live Feed without leaving the Gmail Inbox.

Sidebar Live Feed

People Sidebar tab

The People section of the Sidebar displays the information related to a specific recipient. You can open this section by hovering over the recipient's email address in any email or searching for a particular contact using the Sidebar search function. The following details are available in the People tab:

  • The communication history with the recipient

  • General information about this contact

  • Contact, Lead, or Account information from Salesforce or other CRM (if you connected it to Mixmax)

  • Information on opens, downloads, and clicks from the Live Feed

  • The profile information from the recipient's LinkedIn

People sidebar section

You can also easily access the People section of the Sidebar outside of Gmail in other sections all over the Mixmax web app:

1. The Mixmax Live Feed section

Just click any name in the Recipients column to open the Sidebar with the information of that recipient. The Sidebar tabs correspond to the People tab sections in your Mixmax Sidebar in Gmail.

Sidebar in Live Feed

2. Mixmax Outbox

Click any email in the To column to open the Sidebar in the Mixmax web app Outbox section.

Outbox with the Sidebar

3. Multiple Reports

a. Sequences > Recipients

To access the Sidebar in the Report Builder section, generate a new report with Sequences as the Report type and Recipients as the subtype. To open the Mixmax Sidebar, click any email in the Recipient Email column.

Sequences report with the Sidebar

b. Customers > Recipients

You can also access the Sidebar in the Report Builder if you generate a report with Customers as the type and Recipients as the subtype. Click any email in the Recipient Email Address column to open the Sidebar.

Customers report with the Sidebar

4. The Recipients tab in the Sequence editor

When creating a new Sequence or editing an existing Sequence in the Sequences section, you will find the Sidebar right there in the Recipients tab too!

Sidebar in the Recipients tab

You don't need to memorize all the places where you can use the Sidebar - there is a convenient indicator! If you see the Click to view profile tooltip when hovering over a username or email address, you are one click away from the Mixmax Sidebar!

Sidebar tooltip

Adding a Contact/Lead to Salesforce

If you connected Salesforce to your Mixmax account, you can add new Salesforce Contacts/Leads using the Sidebar.

If you're reading an email from a recipient for whom you already have a record in Salesforce, you will also see and be able to edit their record in the Sidebar.

If no Salesforce record is associated with that recipient's email address, you can create a new record using the options in the Salesforce tab under the People Sidebar section:

No record of this person in Salesforce

To add a new Salesforce record, simply click Create Contact or Create Lead.

Creating a contact/lead

Mixmax can also create new Salesforce Leads or Contacts automatically when you email recipients without an associated Salesforce record. To learn more, see Automatically creating Leads or Contacts in Salesforce.

Tasks Sidebar tab

The Tasks Sidebar section allows you to see all of your existing tasks in one place, create new tasks, and complete multiple tasks in one go using the Tasks Workflow mode.

You can filter the tasks using the drop-down with preset due time options at the top of the tab.

Preset due times

To start the Tasks Workflow mode, simply click Start X Tasks at the top. To create a new task, click the +Add new task button at the bottom of the tab.

Start tasks and Add new task buttons

The Shortcuts button on the right side of the Mixmax Sidebar allows you to quickly create tasks and meetings, add Contacts/Leads to Salesforce, and make and log calls.

Tasks sidebar section

Well done! Just one lesson left! Click Next to learn more about Mixmax workflow automation.

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