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Adding and managing recipients
Adding recipients to a Sequence in the Mixmax web application
Adding recipients to a Sequence in the Mixmax web application

This article will teach you how to add recipients to sequences from the Mixmax web app.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

There are several ways to add recipients to a sequence within the Mixmax web app. You can add recipients to both new sequences and sequences that already have recipients activated.

Adding recipients to sequences

You can add recipients to a sequence in the following ways:

  • Create a new sequence or open an existing sequence where you want to add recipients in the Sequences section of the Mixmax web app, then go to the Recipients tab in the sequence editor and click Add Recipients.

Adding recipients

  • You can also click Actions in the top right corner of the sequence editor and select Add recipients from the drop-down menu.

Activating via Actions
  • If you want to add recipients to an existing sequence, you can simply click the Add Recipients button under the selected sequence in the Sequences section of your web app.

Adding recipients

No matter which option you prefer, as a result, you will see a modal window open with several options for adding recipients.

Activating recipients

You can add individual recipients by filling in the user information manually or import one or several recipients using the following links above the list:

  • Salesforce: add recipients from the Contacts/Leads list in SFDC.

  • Mixmax Contacts: add pre-created contacts from the Mixmax Contacts list.

  • CSV: import a CSV list of users. You can use the CSV link to browse for the CSV file or simply drag and drop the file in the modal window. To learn more, check out CSV best practices.

The email field is always required. Other variables you add to the sequence when configuring stages will be automatically populated as columns in the Add Recipients modal window.

If you choose to add recipients by uploading a CSV list, please add each variable as a column and each recipient as a row in the file. You can enter the associated value for each variable and each recipient in your CSV file, and the variables will be automatically resolved for each recipient.

Example: If you use the First Name variable in your sequence, simply enter each recipient's first name in the First Name column on the respective row. You will be able to preview how the variables will resolve when you go to the Review & Personalize step.

You can also create additional variables directly in the Add Recipients table if you wish by adding respective columns. Any variable that is not used in your sequence content (i.e., not used in any stage body) will not have any impact on your sequence.

If you leave some variables empty, you will get an alert prompting you to fill in the missing data:

Fixing a variable

Depending on the settings of your sequence, you might see some recipients removed automatically. The following notice will appear if that happens:

Recipients automatically removed

To learn more, see how recipients are exited from Sequences.

Activating recipients

To start sending sequence stages to added recipients, click Activate Recipients in the bottom right corner of the modal window. You will be prompted to select when you want to start sending the first stage of the sequence to your recipients.

There are three options:

  1. As soon as possible (this is the default option and the only one available if your sequence starts with a task stage).

  2. With AI Smart Send (send the stage at an AI-determined send time).

  3. At a custom start time (you will be prompted to select the date/time manually).

Activating recipients

Click Confirm and Activate after you select when to activate your recipients.

Personalizing stages for each recipient

To make your sequences even more impressive, you can personalize sequence stages for each individual recipient or for all the added recipients at the same time.

To review and personalize automated emails for recipients before activating them in the sequence, click Review & Personalize in the bottom right corner of the modal window.

The Review and Personalize button

In the Review & Personalize window, select All recipients to personalize stages for all added users or click an individual email in the left column to do it for the selected recipient only.

Individual personalizations will override the changes you make to all recipients. For example, if you personalize content for a single recipient first, then make another edit that applies to All Recipients, this later update for all recipients will not apply to the recipient that already has an individual personalization.

Next, click the stage you want to personalize and edit the send time, email content, or stage settings as needed (click the gear icon to expand the Settings tab on the right).

Review and personalize

You can personalize only the automated email stages of your sequence at the moment. The Task stages can not be personalized this way. For more details, see how to personalize sequences.

On the Review & Personalize page, you can preview how variables resolve for each individual recipient. Each variable will be replaced with recipient data so you can see how the content will look in the actual email once it is sent.

Click Confirm & Activate, and it's done!

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