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Part 10: Mixmax in Salesforce

This is part 10 of the Getting Started as an AE course, where we show you how to add sequence recipients directly from Salesforce.

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Mixmax allows you to add recipients into Mixmax sequences directly from Salesforce! If you use Salesforce and your Workspace is connected to your Salesforce account, you can add people from any Salesforce applications where Leads or Contacts tabs are available.

Adding multiple recipients

To add recipients to a Mixmax sequence in bulk, click the Add to Mixmax Sequence button in the Contacts or Leads tab. You can filter the list of Contacts/Leads using different list views or select the recipients by checking the boxes next to specific Contacts/Leads if you don't want to add all of them from the selected list view.

All contacts

Next, click the specific sequence to which you would like to add recipients.

Selecting a sequence

You'll be asked to select the Salesforce fields you wish to import as variables that can be used for personalizing sequence stages. Check/uncheck the corresponding boxes as required.

Selecting fields

The Email field is mandatory. If there are some variables in the sequence already, the corresponding fields will be pre-checked and greyed out.

After you click Import selected fields, a new tab will open, and you will navigate to the Add Recipients window in the Mixmax web app. Check out how to add recipients in the web app for more details.

To send the first stage of the sequence to added recipients, click the Activate Recipients button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Activate recipients

To review and personalize automated email stages for recipients before activating them in the sequence, click the Review & Personalize button in the bottom right corner of the window.

On the Review & Personalize page, select All recipients if you wish to personalize stages for all added recipients, or click an individual email on the left to do it for the selected recipient only.

Personalizing the stages

It's ready! Click Confirm and Activate to start sending the sequence stages to your recipients.

Adding an individual recipient

In some Salesforce apps, for example, Marketing, you can add a single recipient to a sequence from the individual Lead/Contact page.

From the Leads or Contacts tab, simply click the Lead/Contact you want to add as a recipient, then click Add to Mixmax Sequence in the top right corner of the page.

Adding a recipient

Next, select the specific sequence to which you would like to add the recipient and follow the same steps as described above.

Salesforce Actions

It is so easy to follow up on your Contacts/Leads in Salesforce by using the following quick actions:

Email: Click the envelope icon to bring up the Mixmax compose window. You don't need to leave Salesforce to send emails with Mixmax!

Call: Place phone calls from your browser using Mixmax Dialer by clicking the phone icon. Calls and notes will be logged to your contact's record in Salesforce. Mixmax Dialer is available on Mixmax Growth and above plans.

Add to sequence: Click the rocket icon to add a Lead/Contact to a sequence. You can also add multiple recipients at the same time by checking the boxes next to particular Contacts/Leads and then clicking the Add to Mixmax Sequence button at the top.

Awesome! You're ready to use Mixmax! Click Next to complete the course.

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