Is Mixmax available for Safari, Firefox, and other web browsers?

The only officially supported browser for Mixmax is Google Chrome.

Can I use Brave, Chrome Canary, Chrome Beta, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome Dev?

Though Mixmax may work on other Chromium-based browsers, they are usually on beta or different versions, which Mixmax isn't optimized for. Hence, we do not guarantee that Mixmax will work correctly on them.

Mixmax will not function on non-Chromium-based browsers, such as Firefox.

Microsoft Edge is running on Chromium. My Edge is updated, but why does Mixmax ask me to update to the latest version of Chrome?

Although Microsoft Edge runs on Chromium, its latest stable version may not be using the latest Chromium build. This can be verified by comparing the latest stable, official build versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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