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Mixmax Add-in for Outlook
How to install the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook as a Microsoft Admin
How to install the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook as a Microsoft Admin

Learn how to install the Mixmax Add-in for Microsoft Outlook as a Microsoft 365 Administrator.

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The Mixmax Add-in for Microsoft Outlook enhances productivity and sales engagement for Outlook users.

Follow these steps to install the Mixmax Add-in as a Microsoft 365 Admin:

Step 1: Ensure you use a supported platform

Supported platforms

  • Outlook Web ( on the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Outlook Modern for Windows

  • Outlook Modern for Mac

Upgrade your Outlook to a newer version if necessary to avoid functionality disruption.

If you're unsure whether your platform is supported, check what version of Outlook you have.

Make sure that the “Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime” feature is installed, or follow Microsoft’s WebView2 installation instructions to do it.

Unsupported platforms

At the moment, the Mixmax Add-in is not compatible with:

  • Outlook Web (on Safari, Edge, or any other browser, including Chrome versions older than 123.0.6312.59).

  • Outlook Classic for Windows

  • Outlook for Mac (Classic)

  • Free Outlook accounts: it is not possible to install add-ins on such accounts.

  • On-premises Exchange installations

  • Platforms without the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Step 2: Install the Mixmax Add-in (as an Admin)

Method 1: Installation via Integrated Apps

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center > Settings > Integrated Apps.

  2. Click Get apps.

  3. Under Microsoft 365 Apps published apps, find and select "Mixmax," then click Get it now.

  4. Accept the permissions and click Continue.

  5. Click Deploy at the top of the page next to the message about the app waiting to be deployed.

  6. Specify which users/groups should have access to the Mixmax Add-in (e.g., only users who have a Mixmax account).

  7. Click Next to proceed. Review the permissions and click Next again.

  8. Click Finish deployment to complete the installation.

For more details, see Microsoft’s instructions on how to Deploy and manage Office Add-ins.

Method 2: Installation via Centralized Deployment of Office Add-ins

Installing the Mixmax Add-in via Integrated Apps (described above) is the recommended way of deploying Office Add-ins. If you prefer using the Centralized Deployment feature in the Microsoft 365 admin center, follow these steps:

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Settings > Integrated apps > Add-ins.

  2. Click Deploy add-in.

  3. Through the installation instructions, select Choose from the Store.

  4. Find and select "Mixmax," click Add, and then accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

  5. Specify which users/groups should have access to the Mixmax Add-in.

  6. Select the deployment method. We recommend using the Fixed method so that the users won't need to install the Mixmax Add-in in Outlook themselves.

  7. Click Deploy and then click next through the rest of the instructions to complete the deployment.

For more details, see Microsoft’s instructions on how to Deploy add-ins in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Users might need to relaunch Outlook to view the add-in icon on the app ribbon. Outlook add-ins can take up to 24 hours to appear on app ribbons.

Helpful tips

Microsoft delivers varying end-user experiences within Outlook, which may cause some issues and confusion. To avoid that, it would be best if Microsoft 365 admins choose the automatic deployment method so the user won't need to take any action to install the add-in. Here are some tips for smoother deployment:

  • Consider a gradual rollout: test with a few users first before deploying to everyone.

  • Don't roll out the Add-in to users without a Mixmax license or those not expected to use it.

To learn more about managing user permissions for logging into third-party apps, check out how to set up user consent and admin consent workflows.

Step 3: Verify the add-in is installed

Here is how you can check that the Mixmax Add-in is installed correctly:

  1. Log in to your Mixmax account via the Mixmax web app before opening the Mixmax Add-in.

  2. Open Outlook Web or Outlook Modern for Windows. If you already had Outlook open, refresh the page or restart the application before proceeding.

  3. If you’re on Outlook for Windows and you have multiple accounts configured, make sure to select the Inbox for the account you want to check.

  4. Click New email, then Apps > Mixmax in the top menu.

If you don't see the Apps icon right away, click the three dots button on the far right to expand the list of add-ins.

4. The Mixmax side panel should open:

Mixmax start page

We recommend pinning the side panel for easier access.

6. Select Click here to continue, log in to your Microsoft 365 account if necessary, and accept the permissions when prompted.

7. The side panel will show the Mixmax Add-in’s options:

Mixmax side panel

Mixmax is now ready to use. For more details, see How to use the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook.

Step 4: Tell your team Mixmax is ready for them

Now that you've completed the admin installation of Mixmax, it's time to tell your team the good news. It's as easy as sending them this link, which will prompt them to sign in to the web application.

Alternatively, here's a quick blurb you can send to your team, letting folks know how they can access it:

"Hey, team - we've just purchased Mixmax to supercharge Outlook. To get started using Mixmax, you'll need to go here. Once on that page, click the "Continue with Microsoft" button to authenticate Mixmax with Outlook, and you'll be all set."

Once team members go to the above page and click this button...

...they'll log in to Outlook and be ready to go.

Got questions? Please contact our support team.

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