Reschedule the stages of your sequence

There are a couple of options when rescheduling stages of your sequence.

To reschedule a sequence for an individual recipient, go to your Outbox. Search for the recipient’s email address. 

Then check the box next to the recipient(s) you’d like to reschedule, and click Reschedule. You will need to reschedule each stage separately.

To reschedule an entire stage of a sequence, go to the Sequences section of your dashboard.

Click on the drop-down arrow to the left of the particular sequence you'd like to reschedule.  It will reveal the different stages. The sequence listed will expand, and you will see a 'Reschedule stage' link for any active stages.

When you click that link, a reschedule window will pop out for you to choose the new delivery time. The current scheduled time will automatically show in the input field so you know the current delivery time.

Note that this will reschedule the stage for all active recipients that you have added to the sequence, regardless of when they were added to the sequence. The interval you set for all following stages will be maintained. For example, if you have stage 3 set up to deliver three days after stage 2, when you reschedule stage 2, then stage 3 will also reschedule to make sure it is still delivered 3 days later. 

Your last option to reschedule a sequence for all recipients, go to the Stages tab of your sequence.

Rescheduling a stage from the stages tab will only affect the recipients who have not yet received the previous stage. For example, suppose you have a 3-stage sequence and you added all your recipients in a single batch. They have already received Stage 1. If you reschedule Stage 2, the new send time will not affect those recipients — they’ll get Stage 2 on the original date. This is because the send time of Stage 2 is tied to Stage 1, and Stage 1 has already sent. But if you reschedule Stage 3, all your recipients will receive Stage 3 at the new time (because they have not yet been sent the prior stage, Stage 2).

To reschedule a stage in your sequence:

  1. Click the Stages tab
  2. Select the stage you would like to reschedule in the left panel
  3. Edit the number of days between this stage and the prior stage
  4. Click Save changes

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