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What changes can I make to an active Sequence?
What changes can I make to an active Sequence?

This article will teach you how to modify an active Sequence by adding or removing stages and changing the duration between stages.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Need to fine-tune your Sequence after it's already launched? Open any Sequence, make your edits in the Stages tab, and click Publish Changes in the bottom right corner. Your updates go into effect immediately for all active and future recipients who haven't yet received the stages you edited. Edits to your Sequence will not affect Stages that have been personalized before sending.

Changes to the duration of a stage do not affect recipients who are already actively a part of that stage. Also, changing the stage type (e.g., switching from Email to Task) is currently not supported once the Sequence has been used. Instead, we suggest creating a new Sequence that meets your needs.

Adding new stages

You can add new stages to active sequences. Click Add another stage, just like when creating a new Sequence. Once you're done, click Save changes.

Only active recipients and recipients you add in the future will receive the new stage(s). Recipients who have exited the Sequence will not receive the new stage—to learn more, see how to get your Sequence to exited recipients.

If you add a new stage to an activated sequence, Mixmax will show the popup below, asking you to confirm they do want to add the stage. Once the stage is added, you will not be able to change the stage type. If the sequence currently has active recipients, the user will not be able to delete the stage either - until all recipients have exited the sequence.

Once a sequence has had recipients added to it, Mixmax will lock the stage type. You will not be able to change the stage type, which will be greyed out.

Stage type is locked

Changing the duration between stages

You can also change the duration between stages. However, if you make a change, it will only affect recipients who enter that stage after the change has been made.

Example: The recipients who received Stage 1 and entered Stage 2 before you changed Stage 2 send date will still receive Stage 2 after your original specified duration.

Deleting stages

You can delete stages from your Sequence before it's activated as long as there are no active recipients in the sequence.

Click the trash can icon next to the stage to remove it from your Sequence.

Once a sequence has been activated and there are active recipients, there won't be an option to delete a stage.

Stage cannot be removed

Instead, you can edit the content or cancel and recreate the Sequence. Use this method to remove a stage of an active Sequence. You can also archive your Sequence if needed.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our support.

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