This article describes how to view and reschedule messages in your Mixmax Outbox.

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The Outbox is where you can see all your scheduled sequences, emails, reminders, and calendar events in one convenient place. You can quickly search, edit, and reschedule any outgoing message or reminder from your Outbox.

To get to your Outbox, use this link or hover over the Mixmax "M" in the top right corner of Gmail and click Outbox:


You can reschedule an email or multiple emails at once that are in your Outbox. Check the boxes on the left for the emails you want to reschedule, and then hover over Reschedule to change the times for those items. You can even stop scheduled items using that same process.

Rescheduling from Outbox

The panel on the left allows you to filter the Outbox by the type of event.

Filtering by event

Group Outbox

If you're on a Workspace Group in Mixmax, the Group Outbox lets you see all the messages, sequences, and tasks you and your teammates have scheduled. You can switch between Groups using the tabs at the top of the Outbox. (Note that this feature is only available on Small Business, Growth, or Enterprise plans.)

Group Outbox

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