Set default fields for your Salesforce sidebar

On the Growth and Enterprise plans, Salesforce users can see a sidebar in Gmail that shows information about each contact, lead, opportunity, and account whenever you hover over an email address. Thanks to our bidirectional sync, any changes you make in the Sidebar show up in Salesforce, and vice versa.

Setting default fields for your Salesforce sidebar

You can specify which fields appear in your sidebar: go to your CRMs & Live Feed page in your Settings. All the fields present will be displayed in the Sidebar. If you are looking to add an additional field, you can select Show another field

Note: When adding a new field, the "update salesforce fields" button should be clicked prior to the fields being added in Mixmax. 


If you do not see the option to edit the Salesforce fields in the CRM & Live Feed Settings, it is likely your Workspace Admin is managing them with a Role.

Setting default fields for a Role

If you're an Mixmax Workspace admin, you can control the default fields that are seen by the various roles in your Workspace. 

To adjust which fields are visible for each role, go to the Members and Billing page, select the Roles tab, then the Salesforce tab. Make sure that the option to apply the settings to all members with this role is checked.

Here you can select which fields are visible in the Salesforce sidebar for each role.  

Check the "Individuals in this role manage their own Salesforce settings." box to allow members with this role to choose their own settings as described above.

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