Set default fields for your Salesforce sidebar

On the Growth and Enterprise plans, Salesforce users can see a sidebar in Gmail that shows information about each contact, lead, opportunity, and account whenever you hover over an email address. Thanks to our bidirectional sync, any changes you make in the Sidebar show up in Salesforce, and vice versa.

Setting default fields for your Salesforce sidebar

You can specify which fields appear in your sidebar: go to your CRMs & Team Live Feed page in your Settings, and then check the boxes next to the fields you want:

Setting default fields for your team

If you're an admin on a team, you control the default fields that are seen by everyone on your team. Any changes you make will automatically be synced to your team. Team members are unable to edit the fields. If you want multiple people on your team to have edit access, make them an admin on your team. Teams can have as many admins as you'd like!