I added stages to an existing sequence but they never sent

Why didn't anyone receive the new stages?

When you add a new stage to a sequence, the sequence must have active recipients in order for the new stage(s) to go out. Once a recipient has exited your sequence, they will not receive the new stage(s).

When a recipient reaches the final stage of a sequence, they exit the sequence and are no longer active in the sequence. As long as recipients do not reach the final stage of your sequence, you can add more stages and they will receive the new stages.

If you've added stages to an inactive sequence thinking the original recipients would get the new stages, don't fret! We suggest creating a new sequence using the content from the newly added stages. Once this new sequence is set up, you can add the same recipients to the new sequence by following the steps outlined here.

If your sequence was active when you added new stages and the new stages were never distributed, send us an email at success@mixmax.com with the name of the sequence and we'll sure to assist.

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